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Luna, [ profile] beckyh2112, and [ profile] ravynfyre, provided I can get a reservation, I will be having a ridiculously expensive dinner at Craft while in Dallas. I will get gussied up all fancy and take a cab, because even though it's under two miles away, I'm not walking in heels.

I have wanted to eat in one of Tom Colicchio's places for years, and I'm not going to pass up the chance to eat there when I'm that close. All I need to know now is, do I make the reservation for one, two, three, or four? >_> If neither of you are interested in going with, I understand; it's pricy and fussy and all. But gods, look at that dinner menu. So much food porn! And if someone comes with me, we could even split the decadent Bone-in Ribeye, Bone Marrow & Bordelaise for two!.

Yes, I am silly, silly person. But, but.... so much food!
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Home. Exhausted. Worth it.

Post to follow later.
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Tagged by choice by [ profile] therixeycopy

Reply and I'll give you four fandoms. You then have to make an entry writing about your favorite character from each fandom, and why.


Here's where everyone expects me to say either Shockwave or Mirage. It's true, I do love them dearly. However, neither of them are my favorite character. They are among my favorites, but they aren't my favorite. I'm also an Arcee and Rodimus fangirl, but they didn't grab me 'til late in the series.

I love Prowl. What can I say, I like sexy disciplinarian police cars. I'm not sure why he grabbed be so much when I was a kid. I think I honestly just liked his altmode. A lot. But he was a major figure in the early series, and I enjoy most incarnations of him.

Most, not all. I haven't read all the IDW stuff, but I somehow doubt I'll be happy with it.

Harry Potter

Snape. Hands down. I'm a sucker for snarky bad guys in general, and really, Snape was simply one of the most interesting characters in the series for me. Hermione had potential early in the series, but I really dislike the way Rowling evolved her.


Ah, now this gets twitchy. SG-1, or Atlantis? You do not specify, so I must do both.

SG-1: Daniel Jackson. Love me some nerdbait. Much as I love Daniel's evolution through the series (and OMG does Michael Shanks look hot now that he's so buff), I actually prefer lanky, four-eyed, slightly bumbling Daniel from nearly in the series.

Atlantis: Rodney McKay. Again, nerd love, but with snark added. Hewlitt isn't the most attractive character on the series by far, but looks aren't the only reason to fan a character. I just love the way McKay has been brought to life.


I am predictable and agree with the masses. Love me some Captain Jack Harkness. I adored him in Dr. Who, and watched Torchwood strictly on the basis of that. Sure, he's cute, but I love that the character is so... unapologetic. He is what he is, and you either love him or hate him. Barrowman has done an amazing job bringing him to life.

Want me to give you some fandoms to talk about? Comment away!
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[22:51] LionaSkycat: Heh! XD Body parts held for ransom. Much better incentive than star stickers.


Jun. 29th, 2009 04:32 pm
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The Target 6" Titanium's are out. Thrust, Hot Zone, and Optimus.

Forgot to mention that before in my squee over Ravage. Who I have opened, and am currently playing with. At work. Shhhhhhh!
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Target has ROTF Deluxes on sale through the 4th for 8.99.

I has a Ravage!
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Oooooooo, bouncy bouncy!

Very worth the $11.30 and driving to the Paradiso and dealing with the crowds.

Very pretty, and got to make geeky fanboys freak when Ironhide and Ratchet came on the screen and I said, "I have touched those trucks!" Couldn't say the same about Prime, but I got to get ver' close to him so haha! Treat me like some aberration because I do not have a penis and was not the with someone who had a penis? Take that stereotypes!


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[18:01] CallMeWingus: Recipe for Dinobot Hotwings - Get Seekers. Set Seekers on fire. Nom wings off.
[18:08] akaLadyBoss: *dies*
[18:09] akaLadyBoss: My brain insists teh Fallen is behind it, like a demonic Colonel Sanders
[18:10] CallMeWingus: *SPORFLE*
[18:10] CallMeWingus: Oh lord.
[18:10] CallMeWingus: That just makes me think of a primarily white repaint that talks like Foghorn Leghorn.
[18:10] akaLadyBoss: BWAH
[18:11] akaLadyBoss: but he still must be ON FIRE!
[18:11] CallMeWingus: Of course.
[18:11] CallMeWingus: The Fallen - Buffalo Style.
[18:12] akaLadyBoss: ranch-flavored oil for dipping?
[18:12] CallMeWingus: YES!
[18:12] CallMeWingus: Oh god
[18:12] akaLadyBoss: you need to draw this ad
[18:12] CallMeWingus: *SPORFLE*
[18:12] CallMeWingus: I cant breathe
[18:12] akaLadyBoss: you dom the pic, and I'll write the copy
[18:12] akaLadyBoss: *do the pic
[18:12] akaLadyBoss: dom the pic is too kinky
[18:12] CallMeWingus: ...
[18:12] CallMeWingus: That just leads to papercuts.
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So, since Ravyn's big ass truck has a multi-outlet power converter, and I don't feel like sleeping, I thought I'd start working on what will be the first of several Botcon trip recap posts. Because really, if I tried to cram it all into one post? I'd break the LJ character limit.

Wherein we see alot of sand, rocks, brush, and one really big hole in the ground. )
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Botcon so far has been much fun. Yesterday was a "free" day, so to speak, as we did not do the Hollywood tour. Thank the gods we didn't, as it apparently sucked arse.

Instead ran around the awesome pedestrian mall behind the center until it was time to queue up for the Hasbro store. Since people did not pay me in a timely manner for ebay purchases (grrrrrr), I just did manage to get all my Botcon editions (Sweeps! I have Sweeps!), plus some goodies for friends (if i waited, things would have been sold out, the rate things were going) and my prerelease Chromia. Who is NOT an Arcee repaint, but is totally awesome anyway.

But money is in my account now, so I have funds to play with in the dealer room today. Whee! I'm looking out for someone just selling their Scourge from the boxed set. I'm not keeping my boxed set; I'm just not that thrilled enough with the figures. But I do want a Scourge, because he is an awesome toy. Will be picking and choosing from among the souvenir packs again, as well. Razorclaw does nothing for me, but Elita is a requirement. I like Skyquake, because I like the mold, (keeping Leozack-the attendee figure- for the same reason. Sexy jets.), but Banzai-tron leaves me cold. The Sweeps, however, are not leaving my greedy little grasp. Even if they are worth the most money in aftermarket.

Got Scott a pre-release prime, got Jess, Elvis, and Caulin an Autobot Elite Guard shirt with an awesome Kup image on it. Emmy, I hope, hope, hope that growing-like-a-weed kid of yours wears a medium. Their gamer-sized, and the large looked like it would swallow him. I have made people smile; this makes me happy.

Dealer room opens at 2 for Primus package holders. I admit, I'm not so worried about being in that first push. Last year, you couldn't really look at anything because of the crowd.

That's the news for now. Cross-posting to Facebook, so sorry if some of you get this twice.
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I have built my own Transformer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I shall paint him when I am home. For while I appreciate keeping within a storyline, I really have another paint scheme in mind. >_>

Customs Class is so worth the money, despite having to listen to very whiny boys. Not that I didn't have my own share of frustrations with the diagrams, but really. I wanted to smack a few of them.
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May has been busier than March. And I won't be back to posting till sometime in June. Leaving the AM to drive to Pasadena for this year's Botcon. Gonna have a real vacation for the first time in ages, not just a weekend jaunt.

See ya on the flip side.
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For [ profile] beckyh2112, who requested Mirage dancing with a pretty lady. >_>

Dancing Mirage )
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Per request from [ profile] sapphirebreeze, this ficbit is set in the DZ-3 universe, an alternate reality where the Decepticons are good, and the Autobots are very, very bad. And none are as bad as Rodimus Prime.

Horny Mirage(-3) )
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So, here's the deal. I've been kicking around the idea of doing this for awhile, and now, long after it was fashionable, I've finally decided to give it a go. Just prompting for Mirage and Shockwave(see the previous post if you want a piece of the arrogant yet snark spy) at the moment. So claim away, and remember I reserve the right to interpret any prompt as I like. ;)

01. Naughty Shockwave
02. Happy Shockwave
03. Silly Shockwave: claimed by [ profile] wingus
04. Angsty Shockwave: claimed by [ profile] dragoness_e
05. On-Vacation Shockwave
06. Horny Shockwave
07. Transforming Shockwave: claimed by [ profile] beckyh2112
08. Excited Shockwave: claimed by [ profile] slackeremeritus
09. Book-Reading Shockwave: claimed by [ profile] dragoness_e
10. Dancing Shockwave
11. Jealous Shockwave: claimed by [ profile] sapphirebreeze
12. Turned-On Shockwave
13. Caring Shockwave: claimed by Luna
14. On-His-Knees Shockwave
15. Obedient Shockwave: claimed by [ profile] ravynfyre
16. Dominant Shockwave: claimed by [ profile] ravynfyre
17. Naive Shockwave: claimed by [ profile] wingus
18. Drinking Shockwave
19. Greedy Shockwave: claimed by [ profile] darkfire_blade
20. Daring Shockwave
21. Exploring Shockwave: claimed by [ profile] slackeremeritus
22. At The Beach Shockwave
23. Bath-Time Shockwave: claimed by [ profile] beckyh2112
24. Disheveled Shockwave
25. Exhausted Shockwave: claimed by [ profile] darkfire_blade
26. Well-Shagged Shockwave
27. Kick-Ass Shockwave
28. Playing With Kids Shockwave: claimed by [ profile] sapphirebreeze
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So, here's the deal. I've been kicking around the idea of doing this for awhile, and now, long after it was fashionable, I've finally decided to give it a go. Just prompting for Mirage and Shockwave(see next post if you want to claim a piece of the Giant Purple Space Gun of Doom) at the moment. So claim away, and remember I reserve the right to interpret any prompt as I like. ;)

01. Naughty Mirage: claimed by [ profile] ravynfyre
02. Happy Mirage
03. Silly Mirage
04. Angsty Mirage: claimed by [ profile] sapphirebreeze
05. On-Vacation Mirage
06. Horny Mirage: claimed by [ profile] sapphirebreeze
07. Transforming Mirage
08. Excited Mirage: claimed by [ profile] darkfire_blade
09. Book-Reading Mirage
10. Dancing Mirage w/ a pretty lady: claimed by [ profile] beckyh2112
11. Jealous Mirage: claimed by [ profile] slackeremeritus
12. Turned-On Mirage
13. Caring Mirage: claimed by [ profile] wingus
14. On-His-Knees Mirage: claimed by [ profile] ravynfyre
15. Obedient Mirage
16. Dominant Mirage: claimed by [ profile] wingus
17. Naive Mirage
18. Drinking Mirage: claimed by [ profile] darkfire_blade
19. Greedy Mirage
20. Daring Mirage
21. Exploring Mirage
22. At The Beach Mirage: claimed by [ profile] slackeremeritus
23. Bath-Time Mirage
24. Disheveled Mirage
25. Exhausted Mirage
26. Well-Shagged Mirage
27. Kick-Ass Mirage
28. Playing With Kids Mirage: claimed by Luna

Catching up

Aug. 6th, 2008 10:59 am
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So I'm finally getting caught up on the last few episodes of Transformers: Animated that have been languishing on the DVR. Just finished the first half of the season finale, and I have time for a few bullet points before getting ready for work:

just in case )
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Just watched Autoboot Camp

Someone give me FIRE. Now.


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