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Happy birthday to [ profile] xiaron and to my almost-twin across the waters, [ profile] jamethiel_bane! Party down on this most awesome of days!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] archmage! Hope it's fantabulous!
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I will admit, I don't think much of birthdays as a general rule. I long ago trained myself to think of them as just "any other day" because, well...disappointment gets old really quick.

That said, I decided to do nothing yesterday that was not a treat. Well, almost nothing. I had to wash clothes if I wanted clean clothes for work for today. But really, that's no big deal. Up at eight per the current norm to get Yin fed and give him his shot. I was still pretty tired, as the past week was very stressful, and from Tues to Fri, I got...maybe five hours sleep each night? Maybe?

I've been meaning to get down to the Memphis Farmer's Market since it opened at the end of April, but lately I've been opening on Saturdays. So I decided to go find it yesterday morning. Headed out about 9:30. I kinda lost an hour, because the mapping software had me turn left when I should have turned right. But other than time and a dollar (parking) nothing major was nice, and I had a nice walk down the Main Street Mall. Finally found one of the maps and figured out where I should have been.

Side Note: Peabody Place Mall is really, really sad now. A pity, given how much went into it, and how nice it actually is.

At any rate, I did find the market and it was made of win and pie. Well. Win and rows upon rows of gorgeous produce some of which could become pie, so same thing. All the growers are relatively local, and many of them are organic/sustainable so that made me happy. My hope was to find my birthday dinner ingredients at the market. West Wind Farms is usually there, and I wanted to get a steak. Had to get two steaks, actually, since they cryovac them in pairs and freeze them for transport, which meant I spent 43.00 on two beautiful grass-fed, organic rib-eyes, each of which weighed over a pound. Yeah that seems expensive to some people I know. But that's four steak dinners for me, because I cut the steaks in half. A little over ten bucks a meal for an 8oz ribeye dinner? That is cheap, considering you'd pay almost three times that for a steak that size of lesser quality at even some chain restaurants.

I also spent a little over twenty-five on side things. Six bucks at one place got me a couple heads of oakleaf lettuce, a huge bag of shisho leaves, and some chocolate mint, all organic. Three-fifty got a nice bundle of firm shitake mushrooms. Five bucks netted a large bunch of organic baby carrots, greens and dirt still attached. Three for some green tomatoes, three for some organic eight-ball squash, and five for a loaf of semolina rounded everything out. Oh! And my squash blossoms. Two bucks got me six squash blossoms. I've always wanted to try those.

After that, I trotted on down to the Half-Shell for brunch, shrimp and grits Benedict with pain perdue. Headed home, put my close in the wash, put away my goodies, and then crawled back in bed for a nice nap.

And now, to the food porn! )

So yes, I had a good birthday. Thanks so much for all the good wishes, everyone.
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] jamethiel_bane. Technically, for her it was yesterday, since she lives in THE FUTURE!

Hope it was a great one!


Jun. 5th, 2009 08:21 am
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Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to [ profile] xiaron

And Happy Birthday to almost-twin [ profile] jamethiel_bane, who lives in THE FUTURE where it is already her birthday!
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] archmage! Hope today was rockin'!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] metafrantic! Have fun, play when you are able, and glory in surviving another year!
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And a very merry birthday to [ profile] moonstone_fae!
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] wingus! Have fun!
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Happy birthday to [ profile] slackeremeritus and her twin! Hope you two have fun today!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] sandykidd! Enjoy WorldCon!
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Birthday snuggles to the ever adorable [ profile] darkfire_blade and to my dear friend [ profile] syrinakintari! Hope today was good to you!
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] eclectic_spirit!

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Happy Birthday to [ profile] sandykidd, in all her LJ incarnations!


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