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After a very hectic few weeks and entirely too little sleep, I am off to Festival. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that my improvised-oh-shit-that-means-I-have-to-cook-feast-dinner-too menu goes over.
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I am soooo groggy.

I stayed up with [ profile] draconisferret till after 1am watching CSI: New York.

I doubt I'd be quite so tired if it wasn't for the meds (for the aforementioned bruised hip) and the fact that I just now got up.

Meh, I have more sorting to do. First some breakfast, then to the cardboard!


May. 14th, 2007 09:38 pm
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With the new postal rates and classifications, it now costs me 1.48 to mail 4 cards in a bubble envelope w/ delivery confirmation.

It had been costing 77 cents!!!!

I am not amused at the thought of editing over 2000 listings to adjust my shipping and handling costs.

I was gonna leave em' but, man, I can't eat that much. I'd be losing money on some items at that point, after postage, Paypal fees, and ebay fees.

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Dear soccer mom,

We are a scrapbook and rubber stamp store. We are not a school project supply store. We are not here to provide you with the cheapest- but cutest- possible way for little Suzy to complete her project on polar bears or what have you.

So don't get pissy when we don't have what you want, at the price you want. (OMG YOU MEAN THESE 3D LEATHER STICKERS ARE $5! I ONLY WANT TO SPEND $2! It's a SCHOOL PROJECT!) Don't get snotty when I suggets you try the SCHOOL PROJECT SUPPLY STORE which is located ACROSS THE STREET from my store.


~Disgruntled Clerk
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Be you bird, or squirrel or manical racoon, you WILL be removed. I do not enjoy being awakened by your scrabbling within the wall ABOVE MY FREAKIN HEAD at daylight each morning. I enjoy it less when I have the flu, and have gotten shit for sleep. Nor do I enjoy having to leap out of bed to catch the bedside lamp before it crashes to the ground, after your aforementioned scrabbling has teased the cats till they just HAVE to try and catch whatever you are- even when they can't see it.

I am not amused
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Hoody Hoo! Paid off my physical theraphy bill today! Hah, take that!

I love deleting bills from my spreadsheet!

In other news, we are going and signing the papers today. By close of business, we will own a house. I'm scared to death. I swear, this is scarier then getting married.


Mar. 8th, 2006 02:32 pm
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There's not much to report on Yin except that he seems to be responding well to treatment and is off the IV He is still at the vets office, because he is refusing to eat on his own and they are having to forcefeed him. At least he's not giving them trouble with that, oherwise they'd have to insert a feeding tube and really stress him out.

I'm hoping he will be able to come home before I go out of town, but that's still up in the air.

Thanks for all the postive vibes

On another front, I just bit the bullet and bought Paint Shop Pro X. I've been playing with the trial for a bit now, and while I'm still a diehard Photoshop/Illustrator fan, it seems to be a fairly good program for the price. I needed a graphics program on the PC badly. Road Runner doesn't play well w/ Mac's and I was tired of having to go swap files back and forth on my flashdrive if I wanted to upload some artwork. Several of the "Pros" I know in the gaming industry use Paint Shop, so I figured, why not? Plus I got in on a special deal where I get their animation software as a freebie.

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My husband and I took our big gold-eyed baby Yin in to the emergancy vet early this morning, after waking up and seeing that his gums and skin were extremely jaundiced. He'd only been picking at his food the past few days, but other than that he was fine; we'd chalked it up to the fact that one of Yin's favorite people, my father-in-law who lives with us, had been out of town for several days. Yesterday he was very lethargic, and I had already decided to take him to our regular vet on Monday. But when I saw him this morning, I knew it couldn't wait.

All the tests point toward definate liver failure at the worst, or Hepatic Lipidosis which can lead to liver failure. The ER Clinic is keeping and treating him overnight, and then I have to pick him up and take him to his regular vet early tomorrow morning for more tests and treatment. With what the ER vet told me and what research I've been doing online since I got home, it seems that there is a decent chance of recovery, as long as no other organs have been affected, ie we caught it early enough.

I'm really in need of some reassurance here. I love all our cats, but Yin is my BABY! He's only 3 years old, and he loves me so much! It was so sad when I had to leave him at the ER Clinic. The nurse brought him out so we could see him before we left and he just cuddled up with me, purring and kneading me; he thought he was coming home!

This is going to cost fortune, but it's worth it if he gets well. As I've said before, these cats are our children. The ER vet bill alone is almost $700, and I imagine that by the time all is said and done the bill for my regular vet will be at least that much again. I'm well aware that many people would think we were nuts for spending that much on an animal. I don't care. He's not just a pet, he's FAMILY. Period, end of story.


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