Oct. 28th, 2011 09:04 am
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What Is Your Battle Cry?

Yea, verily: Who is that, prowling across the cliffs! It is Air_n_darkness, hands clutching a bladed baseball bat! And with a booming grunt, her voice cometh:

"I'm going to make tacos with your corpse!"

Find out!
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Because it made me cackle, and I wish to save it for later amusement. No, you don't need context.

[Luna]: *Glances over that.*
[Luna]: I find it annoying that the more submissive of the pair is the one who ends up knocked up.
[Luna]: I mean, come on. Dominant people have babies all the time. Look at Martha Stewart. :v
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Customer: “My garbage disposal is clogged up.”

Me: “What is stuck in your garbage disposal?”

Customer: “A crystal ball.”

Me: “A what?”

Customer: “My crystal ball rolled off the counter and fell in my garbage disposal.”

Me: “You didn’t see that coming?”


Mar. 19th, 2010 11:37 pm
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I'm sure it's old, but I find it most amusing.

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...but I had to do it just for [ profile] una_con_laluna

Don't watch it a work. Seriously.

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Awesome. That is all.

EDIT: [ profile] archmage posted this as well. It seems we got linked to it by different people. :)
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Language alert, so careful where you watch.

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I love Ludwig.

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yeah, yeah I know I rec Two Lumps a lot. But c'mon if you've got cats, it's da funny! Check out today's strip!
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Today's Two Lumps was hilarious, but I highly suggest that you Go to the beginning of the story arc to get the full funny.
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From one of the communities I post in:

omg that icon made me shiver gfdigjfidg

Just thought you would appreciate the comment

Thanks again

Edit: refer to the spider icon, of course:).
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Still here, only slightly hungover, (the UDE party rocked the house!) Must now go see all the nifty coolness at the trade show.

And now for something completely different...NOT work safe.

a little song, a little dance...
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borrowed from  [ profile] archmagewho is apparently in a silly mood today *grin*

Try reading this out loud and see what happens )
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So what if it's an technically a hyped up ad for an online's still funny. And a scary, too...


I sure do miss the Lord of the Rings...

Washington Post, Lead Story January 14, 2003 Washington DC In a suprise move, White House insiders say President George Bush has replaced his plain wedding band with the fabled Ring of Power and has declared himself Dark Lord of Mordor. It has been noted that since the Republican triumph in the November elections the President has been much more outspoken about his 'powerful mandate' and hinting about a desire to bring all Middle Earth under his domination. House Democratic leaders report being dismayed by this development, and are publically wondering if social programs and welfare would suffer under the rule of a Dark Lord. How-ever none would dare speak to us on the record. "Taxes will definitely go up" said one unamed Republican source, "But nobody will seem to mind' he added. The President's only comment on the matter was the offhand and cryptic, "Oh it's just something I got in a Lord of the Rings Risk game from Neal at TheWarStore". Reports that Vice President Dick Cheney has taken to sporting white robes and a staff were unconfirmed at press time.


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