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[18:01] CallMeWingus: Recipe for Dinobot Hotwings - Get Seekers. Set Seekers on fire. Nom wings off.
[18:08] akaLadyBoss: *dies*
[18:09] akaLadyBoss: My brain insists teh Fallen is behind it, like a demonic Colonel Sanders
[18:10] CallMeWingus: *SPORFLE*
[18:10] CallMeWingus: Oh lord.
[18:10] CallMeWingus: That just makes me think of a primarily white repaint that talks like Foghorn Leghorn.
[18:10] akaLadyBoss: BWAH
[18:11] akaLadyBoss: but he still must be ON FIRE!
[18:11] CallMeWingus: Of course.
[18:11] CallMeWingus: The Fallen - Buffalo Style.
[18:12] akaLadyBoss: ranch-flavored oil for dipping?
[18:12] CallMeWingus: YES!
[18:12] CallMeWingus: Oh god
[18:12] akaLadyBoss: you need to draw this ad
[18:12] CallMeWingus: *SPORFLE*
[18:12] CallMeWingus: I cant breathe
[18:12] akaLadyBoss: you dom the pic, and I'll write the copy
[18:12] akaLadyBoss: *do the pic
[18:12] akaLadyBoss: dom the pic is too kinky
[18:12] CallMeWingus: ...
[18:12] CallMeWingus: That just leads to papercuts.
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Customer: “Excuse me, when does the non-smoking sign go off?”

Me: “It doesn’t. You’re not allowed to smoke on this flight.”

Customer: “But it’s lit up! The seatbelt light turns off, and I think I need a smoke.”

Me: “You’re not allowed to smoke on an airplane.”

Customer: “I can’t just go outside and smoke, can I? *points to an emergency exit*

Me: “Er…good luck with that….”

Okay, look, I get that people are stupid.  I read Not Always Right on a regular basis and boy, do they have some doozies.  But what kind of idiot asks to go outside to smoke on an airplane?  A speeding hundreds of miles above ground airplane?

Darwin.  That's all I can think at the moment.
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Okay. my layout has changed AGAIN. I haven't seen anything on the lj news about the problem...


either there's an LJ bug, or somone has hacked my password and is being deliberately annoying.

And once again, I don't have time to fix it.

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Errrrr, so my layout has spontaneously changed of it's own accord....


To icky feeling to deal w/ it right now.

EDIT: This is a little better, if not much. I'll have to work on it over the weekend.
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Mel Gibson, his faith, his politics, his drunkeness or lack thereof, has totally no bearing WHAT SO EVER on my day to life, nor, most likely, on the lives of most people in this country.

So why the blue-balled hell am I hearing about "Mel's slip of the lip" every half hour on the hour? Come on, people! I know the whole Israel, Lebanon, Hezbollah stuff is gettig freaking repetitive and you're tired of re-hashing issues that have existed for decades upon decades,
but, (to steal from [ profile] archmage) Christ on a rice cracker!

The day it happened I could see reporting it, as an "hey, look what the celebrity did" piece. After all most people are gossip-mongers at heart. Oo, look what the big celeb did! Naughty Boy, time to take you to task. But it should not be a major topic of discussion on National Talk/Radio shows!

I like talk radio. I started listening to it when we live in BFE Mississippi, and the music choices were rap or country. I like Dave Ramsey quite a bit. Religous views aside, he's a damn good finacial planner. I even don't mind Neal Boortz. I find his Libretarian rantings both insightful and amusing from time to time. But I don't turn on the talk as much as I used to, because here in Memphis, the shows tend toward the ultra-conservative, *Bush is God*, agenda, at least, whenever I turn them on. I do listen to Dave, on an almost daily basis.

Every freaking news update today has had two topics: Israel/Lebanon and Mel Gibson. And the Gibson stuff was often up first! It really says something about us as a people that we apply equal weight to a drunk, insult-spewing driver as we do a freaking WAR! Which is what it all boils down to.
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Okay WTF is up with the Alien Loves Predator webcomic feed? My F-page just got hit with like the last 6 comics all at once, even though they've been posted before?!?!
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So I'm packing, and making the dust bunny colonies angry with me. I have the TV on for random noise, as I often do.

Once of those stupid "bundle your services" commercials comes on, starting off with a couple complaining about the oh-so-high bills and ending with "OMG we have cash back and saved money! (Him) I can buy this! (Her) I can buy this!"

I'm having a serious Obvious-man&trade moment here:

So, If you're so strapped that that the 10, 20, or 30 you save by bundling your cell,cable,phone,and internet into one "package" makes a difference, then wouldn't the $250 cash back be better spent on something OTHER THAN FRIVOLITIES?!? Like paying other bills? or buying food? or putting in an Emergency Fund for when little Timmy crashes his bike and winds up in the hospital? Get elated about saving the money, NOT about being able to buy more crap!

*sigh* We have become a spending culture. We have been raised to believe that it is normal to live paycheck to paycheck, have 20 maxed out credit cards apiece, and be a slave to car payments and house payments for the rest of our life. It's a sad, sad thing...

I've never claimed to be the paragon of sensible spending. I like to buy stuff. I like my comics. I like my art supplies; I like my books. I like to go out and have a nice dinner w/ my husband. I was raised that money was these little plastic cards and if this one doesn't work, then try that one. I have paid my share of stupid tax-with LOTS of zeroes on the end. But I haven't used credit for personal use in over 2 years. It was only recently that we conceeded to using credit for the business, mainly because when you're paying $1600 for an event space, the people want a major CC- not a debit card.

This whole house-buying thing we're doing; it's not the best time for us to do it. We're really rushing our plan by a year, but hey, since when did Life like to stick to a plan? As I've said before, the first year, it'll be tight. It would be less tight if we weren't locked into making $500@month payments for This piece of orginal artwork, something we agreed would be our "splurge" for the year (last year was the 4 days in Disneyland) waaay before the need to move earlier than planned had been brought up. But we can make it. We just each loose our monthly "blow-money envelopes". Meh, no biggie. Bills still get paid, just like before.

Ah well, I'm rambling, and I still have packing to do. Probably a good thing that [ profile] eclectic_spirit had to bail on our dinner date; so much to do, so much to fdo...


Mar. 3rd, 2006 01:51 pm
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So I'm doing our taxes using TurboTax, since we have to deal w/ whole self-employment thing. I get to the section where I enter any other expenses, and it lists example of what "other expenses" are acceptable. It also list three things NOT to report:

-Charitable contributions
-Illegal Kickbacks
-Political Contributions

Are people really that stupid? Nevermind, I know. Yes, yes they are....
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"When science and the Bible differ, science has obviously misinterpreted its data."

Yeah right

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