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64+ ounces filtered water
4 mini sausage biscuits
2 wedges of cheddar hashbrown fritatda
3 pieces marzipan candy
chips w/ salsa and cheese sauce
1 fajita steak quesadilla
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So yes, my food has been very bad the past several weeks. It'll get better after the first of the year. Promise. At least I'm not gaining back any of the weight.

several glasses filtered water
1 large sweet tea
2 pieces chocolate mint bread
some cookie dough
several chocolate chip cookies
grilled stuffed steak burrito
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several glasses (but not enough) filtered water
1 large Bolthouse mocha
1 pitcher homemade smoothie: frozen cherries, almond milk, acai juice, pomegranate seeds, sunflower seeds
1 Soup at Hand Chicken noodle soup
1 chocolate peppermint
1 Hershey's kiss
1 chocolate candy
3/4 of a Taco Bell Grilled Stuffed Steak Burrito.

I had to have solid food. The soups and smoothies and such are nourishment, but they only do so much, and by the time I got off work, I was so hungry I felt ill. I had to use a fork and knife and cut the burrito into tiny bites; I still can't open my jaw wide enough to actually "bite" something. And my fillings from Friday are still very sensitive and tender. Which means even though I had no teeth on the left side pulled, I still can't really chew much on that side, either. The worst of it is, I still feel hungry.
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32+ ounces filtered water
1 cup Egyptian Licorice tea
1 apple
1 bowl granola nut cereal w/ fat free milk
3 slices colby jack
sausage mac
handful of chili-lemon pistachios
1 snack size dark chocolate milky way bar
1 cinnamon roll-like thingy [ profile] moonstone_fae brought to coven
1 mug hot cocoa made with fat free milk
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several glasses cucumber lemon water
1 bowl granola/fruit cereal w/ skim milk
2 slices sunflower seed bread w/ cashew butter and pom jelly
several handfuls toasted spicy sunflower seeds
pasta w/ chicken and tomato sauce
lowfat yogurt
chedder & blue cheese "fondue"
handful chili-lemon pistachios
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several glasses filtered water
1 bowl granola and fruit cereal with skim milk
2 slices sunflower seed toast w/ cashew butter and pom jelly
1/2 glass of Good Belly
1 handful organic raisins
2 slices coconut cream bread
leftover chicken fajitas
couple handfuls chili-lemon pistachios
1 pot Mayan Cocoa spice tea, w/ skim milk and wildflower honey
3 mini sweetarts
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a few glasses of cucumber/lemon water.
1 large Bolthouse Mocha
2 pieces of my chocolate mint bread, plus a couple of crumb-nibbles
a spoonful of raw dough scraped out of the bottom of the bowl
the rest of my MPC pizza
2 20oz waters
1 yogurt...I forget the flavor.

I have noticed that my diet lacks protein, unless I have the protein drink. Since I'm also getting sugars and such in that drink, I need to find a better alternative.

I am also noticing a connection between eating an abundance of wheat products and an energy drop. I get ver' sleepy.


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