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In which I corral comments, pics, and links from my promotion to Time Lord and the arrival of Prometheus.

Many of these items are on either mine or [ profile] ravynfyre's Facebook accounts. All of the links should be public, so if y'all have any issues viewing, please let me know.

The day began with the arrival of [ profile] tek2way at 730am, as he, [ profile] ravynfyre, and I were all supposed to be heading to Cracker Barrel for an early breakfast before enjoying a day of random geekiness together.

Where I am surprised in spectacular fashion I am actually quite proud of my self control here. I knew what was happening as soon [ profile] tek2way told me I'd hear a voice, and had I been a bit more confident of exactly where [ profile] wood_artist was when he started singing, I would have turned around and glomped him, blindfold or no. You see, I suspected that the three of them had been conspiring for awhile, and had a fair idea of just what that conspiracy might entail, but never expected to actually see [ profile] wood_artist in Memphis.

While [ profile] wood_artist changed into more comfortable clothes, I made the following Tweets:

Omfg I have the best friends #bawling
I have been ambushed by someone I never thought I'd see in Memphis. It /is/ possible to surprise a Seer. #bawling

We then piled into Perceptor ([ profile] ravynfyre's truck of massiveness) and headed to breakfast, me still boggling, overwhelmed, and hyped on adrenaline. Once we got back, we gratefully accepted the offered help of my neighbor Rick to get a rather large crate out of Perceptor and into the backyard. [ profile] wood_artist had the fun of peeling back the layers of packing, and informed me that there was actually two items for me therein.

Wherein I am made a Time Lord and given a TARDIS of my very own. This I have to say was extremely unexpected. Apparently, [ profile] wood_artist decided that since he had to build a custom crate for Prometheus, at least part of that crate should be useful. Around that time, I had posted a few pics of TARDIS bookcases/shelving units on Facebook, and mentioned how I pined for one. It is roughly eight feet high, not counting the top and light (which does flash), roughly four feet wide, and has several adjustable shelves.

At this point, I dashed inside to share the first video off [ profile] ravynfyre's wall so that [ profile] sandykidd and [ profile] metafrantic could stop having fits while waiting to see my reaction. I also made the following Tweets:

I have been gifted a TARDIS. #justcallmeaTimeLord
And inside the TARDIS? Thankfully not a weeping angel.
The TARDIS is taller than Tony, and that doesn't even take into account Prometheus within. #wheresitgonnago #illmakeitfit #fangirlsquee
For those following my excitement of the day, go to my FB to see the first video of my day of surprises. #OMFG #fangirlsquee #familytime

Prometheus Unbound Here, [ profile] wood_artist is carefully unwrapping Prometheus now that we managed to get him into my house. There is much chatting and pointing out of details, and I inform the world that "I don't care how silly I look on the internets today, thank you and good night."

[ profile] ravynfyre's phone was nearly dead at this point, so I handed her mine to record the actual walk-thru on how to transform Prometheus. This video proved to be too long for Facebook so had to be broken into two and published to YouTube. During the first, you will see me have one hell of a artist/fangirl squeegasm.

Walk-thru Part One
Walk-Thru Part Two

Unfortunately, a combination of near-dead phones and us all getting sidetracked by THE AWESOME meant we stopped recording, and you don't get to see Prometheus actually come to life. He has many lights and flashies and he talks! He has speaker system wired into him as well!

Shortly thereafter, I made the following Tweet:

I have a TARDIS and a lifesized steampunk Transformer. #bowdownandworshipmygeekiness #friendsareawesome #extrafuckinghashtagjustbecause
Again, #noseriouslyido

Around this time, my knee suddenly decided to inform me that all the jumping around I did earlier in the day was a bad idea, and my pain levels hit critical mass. I was pretty much told to sit while [ profile] tek2way cleared out a space for the TARDIS to go. That was moved inside, and things kinda blurred from that point. Not long after, [ profile] tek2way went home to crash, because he was exhausted, and [ profile] ravynfyre and I took [ profile] wood_artist to Memphis Pizza Cafe for lunch. [ profile] wood_artist headed back to his hotel afterward, and [ profile] ravynfyre and I kinda hid from the world while I worked on reconfiguring my computer setup on my new desk.

I also took several photos of the detail work on Prometheus, which I uploaded to an album on Facebook. The link should take you to the album.

And that was... pretty much the extent of my crazy and wonderful yesterday. [ profile] wood_artist was in town today as well, so he and [ profile] ravynfyre went to the Ornamental Metal Museum and did nifty crafty things while I was at work. I still boggle at his- at their- going to all this work and trouble for me. I feel loved and cared for in ways I can never express. [ profile] ravynfyre, [ profile] wood_artist, and [ profile] tek2way, I love all three of you, I truly do, and I only hope that you all know how much yesterday meant to me- and how much it pales in comparison to what you three mean to me.
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