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I love Ludwig.

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Today's Two Lumps

If you have kitties you will understand.
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Ya know, I think I'll just stop reading the comments and forums for the webcomics I enjoy. Hear lately, they seem to have devolved into flame wars and ego-stroking.

It's just depressing.
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So, it's been pretty well established that I'm a Geeky Gamer Chick&trade . One of my geeky passions is comics; though I'll admit, I'm waaaaay behind on my monthlies right now. To give you an idea, the *ahem* guest room has been dubbed the comic room. Just ask [ profile] hisui_shinigami, who has to sleep in there during TCG event weekends and new-set sorting time; there are literally mountains of monthlies in there. I'm not counting trades; they're all downstairs in the "library."

Anyway, I've always been a fan of the Indy comic. Those rough-around-the-edges self-published gems you find in the Previews with no pic and a vague description that for some reason captures my attention. So it's no wonder that, in the past few years, I've become a fan of several webcomics. Now I don't follow but about a dozen, and they each caught my attention for different reasons. With a few exceptions, the authors of said comics are putting out their work for my (and others') enjoyment for no compensation save whatever Paypal "tips" people put in their hat. Yet, most of them manage to stick to a minimum three times a week update schedule, and a few even manage daily updates.

A couple of the comics I follow are Marry Me and Last Blood. Marry Me is a rather light romantic comedy; Last Blood is a really kick ass take on the Zombie Plague plot device. Both are written by the same writer, illustrated by different artists. I came to them through No Pink Ponies, as Eisu, NPP's creator, is the artist for the first few issues of Marry Me. Now both Marry Me, and Last Blood are done in traditional full-page comic style vs. the strip style, since Bobby is actually self-publishing hard-copies as well. So there's quite a bit of work that goes into both webcomics. In theory, they both update three times a week. In reality they don't, but Bobby has always been good about updating w/ a "Here's why." LB's been a bit more regular than MM lately, but Eisu's been moving, doing finals, etc. Perfectly understandable.

So what's with the entitlement attitude on the boards, guys? Seriously, how many of you bitching about updates have either donated to the tip jar, or purchased the hard copies? A polite inquiry is fine, eg "Hey, you guys OK? Noticed the lack of updates/posts. Just wanted to let ya know I'm missing my fix XD! Hope things are cool!" Not " OMFG you PROMISED us MWF updates EVERY WEEK and you've missed two updates in a row! You're such a slacker and you're losing a reader because I'm TIRED of WAITING for MY FREE ENTERTAINMENT that I am so fucking entitled to because I exist on the interwebz!!!!"

And this isn't the only comic comm I've noticed this in. Now, I'm not gonna say that after, say, two weeks of no new comic I don't get antsy. It's the same antsy I get when Marvel, DC, Image, etc are late with a book I'm jonesing to read; I want my fix, damnit! But I cut the web-publishers a heck of a lot more slack than I do the Big three. After all, real life can be one major pain. Sometimes, Murphy comes to visit and he takes up residence. This I understand. Why can't other people? Authors will update with a reason for the missed update (and it's very seldom just a "oh, I was tired" excuse), and people don't care! Have we really become such an selfish, fickle society? Or is it because we see the internet as our own personal court jester?

What do you mean you don't want to perform today? You're fired.


You! Amuse me now!

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yeah, yeah I know I rec Two Lumps a lot. But c'mon if you've got cats, it's da funny! Check out today's strip!
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Today's Two Lumps was hilarious, but I highly suggest that you Go to the beginning of the story arc to get the full funny.
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Okay WTF is up with the Alien Loves Predator webcomic feed? My F-page just got hit with like the last 6 comics all at once, even though they've been posted before?!?!
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I think these guys owe me a new keyboard now....

"Humanity will not be conquered without a fight! BWAHHAHAHHA *wipes tears* Personally, I'd rather see the Terminator VS JC celebrity deathmatch but, hey, this will do.
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add this to your friends list guys!  this is funny shit!  now I go sleep off shadowcon....fuck going into store early...

cut, for your pleasure )


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