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So, I've decided spending the money on a broadband card/supscriptions for the laptop was worth it. We travel so much, and hotel's charge waaaay to much for internet. Oddly enough, the nicer the hotel, the more likely they are to charge for internet, I've noticed. But anyway, that means I can update daily, even from the event! Wheee!

It was a super-slow day for me, which wasn't unexpected. Last year Gen-Con actually cancelled all the Thurs events except VS because the Thurs attendance sucks. No such luck this year, but they should have.

To start with, I have wound up working the Yugi-monster this weekend instead of VS. I don't really mind working on the Yugioh stage, but I was looking forward to being on the VS stage again; I know so many more of the players. But I have officially become Kristen's (scorekeeper-guru) minion from now on, so I go where she goes, and she switched to Yugi. At least I get along w/ her and Dave(registration support guy and our on-site lawyer:) really well.

I did discover today that I am not completely devoid of nurturing impluse. Kristen has her two-month old daughter, Erin, with her. Well, Kristen was off solving a crisis, and Erin woke up from her nap, crying. Usually, I'd a) ignore the cries in the hopes that Kristen was on her way back or b) call Kristen on the radio and go "help". But she sounded so pitiful...and it doesn't help that she's such a tiny thing that she looks like a little doll. I picked her up and cuddled her till she fell back asleep. Damn her cuteness power! I was bewitched I tell you, bewitched!

Still don't want one though:P

We actually cancelled two events because of lack of interest, and only had 62 people in todays Regionals. Since those usually have a min of 100 people, I'd call it slow.

The new World of Warcraft TCG however, is a definate success. They actually had over 100 people in one event, on a fraking Thurday! I am so very glad I'm not working that stage. It's not the volume of people; it's the fact the UDE didn't finalize there organized play guidelines for WoW until this fracking morning. As in, "we scheduled all these events, but aren't really sure how we want them run." OMFG! I love these guys but, seriously, get a clue! It's great to test out new formats at conventions, but figure out how you want things run BEFORE you get on-site and then communicate that to the people who will actually be running the events and dealing w/ the players. *sigh* So glad I'm not on that stage, so glad...

On the positive, looks like I'm going to have a repeat of Gen-Con Indy; Lee, Dave, and I get off at the same time each night, so we are doing the dinner thing again. There's a great little sushi place across the street from the hotel, and that's where we, along w/ Carlos, one of the Yugi judges, headed for dinner. Yum, yum, yum. I had uni, and cho-toro, and tamago of course. I also orderd a spicy tuna roll, but honestly, I did that so I'd have something to swap out with the guys with. Got to try salmon roe and squid (I'd never had them as sushi before), and Dave's catapillar roll. Also, the chef made a roll specially to order for Lee (he's a vegetarian), a Califonia style roll, with cream cheese and avacodo in it. OMG, it was sooooo good! The avacodo and cream cheese went so well together. I have GOT to make those when I get home.

eek, it's almost midnight! I need to crash- long day tomorrow.

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From an organizers's standpoint: 4 32-player, 1 36-player, 1 26-player sealed flights, 1 22 team 2 Headed Giant flight, 14 8-man drafts. 1 36-player flight on Sunday plus drafts, number unknown. Almost ran out of product. 30% increase in attendance over comparison numbers. In otherwords, a good day.

From a retailer's standpoint: OMFG the singles I will sell! This set is HOT!!! Plus, on-site retail met my goal for the day, AND I picked up some good cards to fill holes in my stock.

From a player's standpoint: OMFG the combos I can do! This set is BROKEN! But why, oh, WHY did they bring Thallids back?

From a judges standpoint: What do you mean it is now highly possible to pull not one, not two, but THREE rare cards per pack? Can we say "screw the card pool in Limited?" Yes, yes we can.

In short, this block is on track to be the most successful block since Tempest. And that is saying something.

I think I need to up my intial product order.

Incident of the day: Player snuck in vodka. Player then proceeded to get drunk and during one of his matches spent the entire time telling his well-endowed and corseted female opponent that she "had boobies. That's cheating. You can't have nice boobies, that's cheating." He was removed from site, natch. But not after siting down to play a draft deck without adding any basic land to it:p Had she called a judge at the time, instead of us hearing about it second hand an hour later, he'd have been gone sooner.

Oh, and DCI Reporter version 3.0 sucks dead doggie doo
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*Lynson's phone rings*

*Lynson gives directions*

*Lynson hangs up

*Lynson dies laughing*

Player Question? "Um, hi, I found the convention center, but I can't find the third floor"
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I just signed artist Ron Spencer to be the guest artist at Regionals in a few weeks! Wheeeee!
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...I have been assimilated.

I. Have. A. Cell Phone.

Some of the my friends may recall that I have always had an aversion to cell phones. I have even had an RPG character that had this bad habit of doing the dance of death upon any cell phone that crossed her path. NO ONE needs to be able to find me 24/7, except maybe my husband, and I'm not so sure about he counts. Those damnable devices are largely responsible for the sharp decline in the good manners, intelligent conversation, and general sanity of the majority of people. They are evil! Evil pure and simple!

So WHY, pray, have I relented? What could have caused me, the great naysayer herself, to not only agree to carry a cell phone, but participate in its selection and purchase?

My husband. My darling, dear, husband. That's what. And two business that are doing well.

See, the plumbing company he manages has grown by leaps and bounds in the past 6 months. Likewise, our tournament organization/online single's sales business has also grown. Up till now, Lynson has been taking all the business calls on his cell, which was fine while he was working in the office. But since they're so busy w/ the plumbing company now, he's working in the field almost every day. Soooooo, I needed to get a phone, so I can take all the CCG Innovations calls, and he can just handle the plumbing company. 'Cause we were NOT putting our home number on the website.

So we went to Best Buy Friday night and got me a Samsung A900 (I rolled when I saw[ profile] archmage had gotten the same one;). I admit to knowing jack about phones; Lynson picked it out. I gave him two criteria: it had to be small enough to fit in my back jeans pocket (I never carry a purse) and durable. He gave me the choice between the Razor or the A900. The razor seemed flimsy to me, so I went w/ the A900. I also insisted upon a Bluetooth headset, because without it I'd never answer the phone when driving or otherwise out and about.

I am looking forward to one thing about having the phone: the ringtone. A friend converted Number 6's theme from the new Battlestar Galactica series into an MP3 and made it into his ring. He's going to do the same for me. Yeah, sexy Cylons talking in my head...I'm going to make Reid and Mike SO jealous at the TO conference in Vegas next month!

All and all, it's not the end of the world, but I imagine people in hell are enjoying the snow...

Hmm, maybe THAT's why we got icy mess this weekend:p!
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The initial website is DONE! It's not much but considering that prior to starting this project mu HTML knowledge consisted of BOLD, italics, and underline, the various lj codes, and posting a link, I am proud!!!!

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I am almost finished with new website design for the business, but there's something I want to that is beyond my limited HTML capabilities and since I'm not sure what the proper term for what I want to do is, I can't Google it.

Instead of simply linking to our current Ebay offerings, I want the the Ebay page to actually appear on that page of my website, instead of people having to clicky a link to go to the Ebay search page. Does that make sense? Probably not, my brain is hurting from working on this for 4 days....

Anyway, I think that it is something to do with frames. I may not be able to do it at all, as it may not work w/ the Trellix Sitebuilder program. Gahh!

If any of my HTML savvy buddies understand this rambling and can explain how to possible produce the desired effect, I would appreciate the help. Feel free to e-mail me at the addy posted in my user info.


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