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Reply and I'll give you four fandoms. You then have to make an entry writing about your favorite character from each fandom, and why.


Here's where everyone expects me to say either Shockwave or Mirage. It's true, I do love them dearly. However, neither of them are my favorite character. They are among my favorites, but they aren't my favorite. I'm also an Arcee and Rodimus fangirl, but they didn't grab me 'til late in the series.

I love Prowl. What can I say, I like sexy disciplinarian police cars. I'm not sure why he grabbed be so much when I was a kid. I think I honestly just liked his altmode. A lot. But he was a major figure in the early series, and I enjoy most incarnations of him.

Most, not all. I haven't read all the IDW stuff, but I somehow doubt I'll be happy with it.

Harry Potter

Snape. Hands down. I'm a sucker for snarky bad guys in general, and really, Snape was simply one of the most interesting characters in the series for me. Hermione had potential early in the series, but I really dislike the way Rowling evolved her.


Ah, now this gets twitchy. SG-1, or Atlantis? You do not specify, so I must do both.

SG-1: Daniel Jackson. Love me some nerdbait. Much as I love Daniel's evolution through the series (and OMG does Michael Shanks look hot now that he's so buff), I actually prefer lanky, four-eyed, slightly bumbling Daniel from nearly in the series.

Atlantis: Rodney McKay. Again, nerd love, but with snark added. Hewlitt isn't the most attractive character on the series by far, but looks aren't the only reason to fan a character. I just love the way McKay has been brought to life.


I am predictable and agree with the masses. Love me some Captain Jack Harkness. I adored him in Dr. Who, and watched Torchwood strictly on the basis of that. Sure, he's cute, but I love that the character is so... unapologetic. He is what he is, and you either love him or hate him. Barrowman has done an amazing job bringing him to life.

Want me to give you some fandoms to talk about? Comment away!

Catching up

Aug. 6th, 2008 10:59 am
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So I'm finally getting caught up on the last few episodes of Transformers: Animated that have been languishing on the DVR. Just finished the first half of the season finale, and I have time for a few bullet points before getting ready for work:

just in case )
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Ummmm, when I go to is no longer there. It's listed as an EXPIRED DOMAIN.


Please tell me it's just my computer being screwy.

EDIT: Apparently there is a records goof on someone's end, since the site is paid up and is specced out for another year. The mods are working on it.
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So, my interest was peaked in the upcoming CBS drama Moonlight Vampire detective stories- gotta love 'em. But looking at an overview, it looks just like a re-vamp of USA's classic Forever Knight. Waaaay too many similarities in base plot.

Of course what should I expect from a TV culture that has turned a series of commercials into a sitcom?

Ah, well, at least Kelsey Grammer's coming back to TV, in all his snarky glory.


Sep. 1st, 2007 02:24 pm
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SciFi canceled The Dresden Files!!!!

*is sad*

Must go buy DVD collection of Season 1. Now.
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I have a spectacularly cool Decepticon logo shirt now...

And a cap that says CSI: Arkham
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Just got in from seeing Order of the Phoenix. While it could most definitely have been longer (longest book= shortest movie?WTF?), it is so far my favorite of the series. There were issues, but overall it was a well done film.

It is, however, much more intense than any of the other HP films; younger kids are going to have some issues with certain scenes, for sure.

I'll write a real review tomorrow (later today?). Need sleep.

*fangirl squeee!* I saw the trailer for Stardust! EEEEEEEEE! Now if I can just catch a trailer 30 Days of Night I'll be a happy chick.

And if you haven't read any of the 30 Days comics series and you like vampire horror, it's a must. Hopefully the movie won't screw it up.
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So about a year ago, I ordered NECA's in-scale Balrog model. It looked super-sweet in the catalog, and NECA is known for putting out top quality figures. I've wanted a Balrog for years, long before Peter Jackson's movies came out. And it's to scale with the current figure line? Can you say, "bitchin'?" Yes, I believe you can.

balrog scale

And believe me, when he came in this week after several months of delays, I was a happy fangirl. It looked just as good as promised; the detail was perfect. He is 29" tall and 42" wide. I had to attach his wings and tail myself, and that was fairly easy, for the most part. His flame crest lights up and he growls when you press a button on his back...a feature I could have done without, to be honest. It adds weight to an already top-heavy fig (more on that below), and the "ain't it nifty" factor wears off quickly. And it wasn't in the original description. NECA has a bad habit of that; my 29" tall Lord of Darkness came in and had motion-activated voice tracks. I probably wouldn't have ordered him if the talking bit had been in the original solicitation, just because I find such features cheesy, as a whole.

So he's articulated at wrists,elbows, neck and waist. All good. He's also articulated at hips and "knees". Not so good. The only way to balance him is to place most of the weight on his tail...but the tail is roto-cast in two pieces (ie not solid), something I didn't realize when i set him up. So I come home yesterday to find the tail had given way enough so that he could no longer be supported by it. The "knee" joints are so loose, they will not stay in line with the thigh, so his legs splay at an odd angle. He is so Top heavy, that even WITHOUT the wings, it's almost impossible to get him to stand up on a smooth surface. And the only display space I have large enough to keep him on is wood.

Currently, the $100 Balrog figure is resting on my spare bed, wingless and whipless. I am not a happy fangirl at the moment. It doesn't seem to be a defect, per se, just a design flaw. Everyone on the boards seems to be having the same problem, to varying degrees. I think I am going to have to find the "perfect postion" and then glue the leg joints in place. I will be writing to NECA about it; I really think that had they simply made the tail a solid piece so it could help support the figures weight, and left out some of the articulation, it wouldn't have near so many balance issues.

Still, it's impressive and I'm glad I bought it. It is one of the largest, if not THE largest action figures ever made. It just needed a bit more fine-tuning.
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Okay, okay...SciFi is canning Stargate:Sg-1. But they're not canning the franchise, for gods sake! Atlantis has been renewed, and all the people behind the franchise have stated that there are plans for Stargate, beyond the end of the TV series! C'mon people, chill! The show's been running for 10 SEASONS, a major accomplishment for a non-mainstream sci-fi franchise. Quality has been slipping over the past two "extra" seasons; it's time to let the show go to a different level. Big screen, mini-series, spin-off's...whatever.

Will I miss it as part of my SciFi Friday line-up? Yeah. But know I will not jump on you "Save Our Show" bandwagon. Just because I'm a member of many Stargate comms does not mean I want to be spammed with petitions and "support icons." So BTFO! It's TV people! Deal!
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Entirely unfair! I was really into a fic on RS and when I changed chapters I got a "can not connect to the database" message. Then, I try the forums page and the home page for the site, same crap.


Edit: Back up now, thankfully.
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Okay peoples here's the skinny on [ profile] metafrantic's latest bit of craziness. I know there are a few other HP writer/fans on my F-list. So go and sign-up! C'mon it'll be fun!

Calling all Harry Potter fans!

I've taken on something I never should have, but with a great deal of help and word of mouth I believe I can pull it off.

Introducing The Great Harry Potter Drabble Challenge! I am seeking ONE 100-word drabble from each of you - which will collectively equal ONE drabble for EVERY PAIRING IN THE HARRY POTTER WORLD! (I hope...)

And yes, there are well over 10,000 possible pairings, if you include all the minor characters!

Please visit the site for more details, and PLEASE, pass the word! This is going to take an amazing amount of communication to pull off!


/end pimpage
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Since I know there are a few fans on my f-list...

One of my vendors has a solicitation for Silent Hill original movie one-sheets. This is for the final version, as shown here

I'm getting one, because it's simply too cool of a poster, and I like the franchise. Haven't seen the movie yet though *pouts*

It says it ships rolled, but of the 6 or so movie posters I've ordered this year, only one came rolled; all the rest were shipped shrink-wrapped flat.

retail is $30.00, but for anyone on my list whose interested I can do it for $22.00...I have to charge shipping on it though, because it's oversized.

Just thought I'd share...
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Just got in from seeing The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe...

Not disapointed, not even mildly so....

Almost, dare I say it, impressed?

Visually stunning of course, obviously a WETA workshop project. Good characterization- they must be plannng to do the other books, as you can see echoes in the acting of who Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy will later BE, not just who they are for the duration of the book.

And they followed the book to perfection. Yes, there were a couple of scenes that were embellished a bit, but the STORY was untouched, and NO sugar coating of certain intense moments (trying to be spoiler-free, here).

And I have never seen a more perfect Jadis...

I want to write an in-depth (and more gramatically correct:p) review, once I find my copy of L,W,&W.

Oh, and I really don't suggest it for anyone under 10yrs old. However, if your child can watch the HP movies /wo a problem, they *might* be able to handle it.
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Gen-Con just released an change to their Guest of Honor List.  Tricia Helfer, Number 6 on ‘Battlestar Galactica’, will be there signing on Saturday and Sunday! Mary McDonnell, President Roslin on ‘Battlestar Galactica’, will be signing on Thursday and Friday!  I'd like to get signings from both, but I know I won't be able to beg off work duty twice, so I hoping to meet Tricia.  Yes, it means I'll probably pay $25.00 to stand waayyyy to close to sweaty gamers for waaaayyy to long, just for a 2 min converstation and a signed stock photo. I can't believe they actually go Galactica stars at the con....  I REALLY wish the first issue of the Galactica magazine had come out on TIME, so I could get that signed instead, since Number 6 is on the cover, but oh well.
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So, thanks to the worship-worthy device know as DVR, I've been catching SciFi's re-run of Firefly (acutually, DVR is about teh only way I get to watch anything nowadays).  My curiosity was peaked by all the movie hype.

It's a western. I like westerns.

It's a space opera.  I like space operas.


I know it didn't have a long-lived TV run, so here's hoping SciFi runs all the episodes prior to the release of Serenity.

And Summer Glau would make a kick ass X-23
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So my birthday presents consited of the following: 1 sealed case of McFarlane's Twisted Fairytales Series 4 Figures, which netted me one complete set and a few extras for barter or ebay purposes AND one sealed case of Sin City Series 1 Figures.  That netted me one complete color and one complete B&W set....except for the Nancy and Marv Varients.  I need the Nancy w/ straight hair, and the Marv /w bloody face, no badages (both color and B&W versions of each).  I got both the the Yellow Bastard versions.  So if any of you see those variants out there LET ME KNOW!!!! PLEASE!!!!!  I'm trying to avoid paying ebay prices for them!!

Go here to see the McFarlene Figs

Here's the Sin City link, click each fig for a close up and series 2 comes out in a just a few months! Wheeeeeee!!!!!!


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