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[ profile] wood_artist is an amazing artisan. The projects he takes on his wood shop continue to boggle me with their beauty and intricate details. I can get rather intense on a project myself, pick things that require take full advantage of my anal retentiveness, but really, nothing like what he does.

With his permission, I'm re-posting this video from his journal of one of his most recent pieces in action, a rather intricate gravitram. There are some great shots of all the little twists, turns and switches, and for me at least, the beauty and amazement comes from realizing that all the tracks and such are turned wood. Gorgeous, delicate turned wood. Enjoy, because I sure as hell did.

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This? This will be amazing.

I have only attended one Festival of Souls celebration with Summerland Grove. It was highly enjoyable and there is something quite intoxicating about being part of a circle that numbers a hundred or more. It just wasn' I'm not big on crowds anyway, and my own practices...they do not trend toward the same vein. So attending again just hasn't been huge on the priority list.

But at the very least I will be there on Saturday Friday night. Mallorie was-no is- part of my family of choice, and through her I extended that family. Even now, she continues to influence my life in minute ways.

This memorial fire dance Fire & Strings will be doing will not be about mourning, but about celebration and honor. Because she does deserve such. No one is perfect; Mallorie had many faults and bore stigmas of her own choosing up until the end of her days. It is easy to be angry, to dwell on what should, could, or would. Anger can be cleansing. But anger left to simmer and ferment robs us of our life.

I have been through this cycle before. It is difficult to move on. But in the end, we choose to be stagnant and give up, or we choose to move past and grow.

So I'll be there. I'll walk the candle labyrinth and then watch the dancing flames as they pay homage to my all-too-human friend, to her triumphs and her stumbles, her smiles and her tears. I will be there. I will laugh and cry, and I will know that she is not lost.


Aug. 10th, 2006 05:22 pm
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Hugs go out to [ profile] discordian. Our pets are our children, and it is always difficult when they leave us. Rest in Peace, Ghost.
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Most of you probably don't know [ profile] metafrantic and [ profile] sandykidd. But still....

Sometime in next few hours, the *cough* fruits of their labors *cough*, baby sandfrantic shall make his/her first appearance into this mad, mad world. Only a week later than scheduled, but hey, the munchkin has been spawned by two artsy types; since when could you rush an artist?

So if you have some good vibes you feel like spreading, send them north-east to the Not Normal crew.

Hugs to both of you, and to the little one as well!


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