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One of the things I've given up over the past eight years or so is my involvement in the gaming industry, both as a participant and industry worker. Oh, I've dabbled around with some games here and there, but overall, I've not done much. In the past two years or so, I've really been missing the conventions, the people, the play. I've missed the ebb and flow of the industry. It was something I truly loved participating in, but there were quite a few strings and memories- good and bad- attached to it, so I've not been too serious about trying to get involved again, really. Last year, I considered going to GenCon, but couldn't afford it on my own, and no one seemed interested in really trying. It was a half-hearted attempt at best.

This year, my friends Julie and Travis invited me to attend with them and their family. All I had to worry about paying for was my entry, food, and spending money. Honestly, with the way my year has been on a financial level, it wasn't the best decision, but I chose to go anyway. I needed the break on pretty much every level. Plus, I've never gone to GenCon as an attendee. I have always worked the event, pulling long days taking tickets for TCG events. I usually would get a couple hours off to hit the dealer's hall on Sunday, and would do dinner and drinks with the team members, but never really just enjoyed the event. So getting to take four days to just play was a novel concept to me.

Of course, me being me, I couldn't do that. An RPG that I've gotten rather interested in over the last year, thanks to [ profile] tek2way, called Shadows of Esteren (SoE) put out a call for booth volunteers for the weekend. I offered up my Thursday and Sunday, which they eagerly accepted. I had already purchased my ticket, so that helped them out, and was told I'd receive a small gift for assisting. Nice, but I wasn't expecting much, given they are small press and all. I volunteered because I wanted to do so. I am more comfortable at large, crowded events when I have a "homebase," a role to play, and I am a salesperson at heart. Volunteering helped me out as much as it helped them.

Aside the first: One of the main reasons I was willing to help out, is that SoE is a French import, and I would get the chance to work with the developers of the game. SoE is a low-fantasy, medieval, gothic horror setting- think Game of Thrones meets Ravenloft, and I was eager to talk with them. I wanted the chance to pick the brains of the people who created such a rich setting, and to give back to them a bit. SoE is the first RPG I've gotten truly excited about since Deliria. The SoE books have won numerous awards for game design, art, and development, and just getting to chat with the guys at my leisure was going to be a treat.
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Jun. 29th, 2009 04:32 pm
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The Target 6" Titanium's are out. Thrust, Hot Zone, and Optimus.

Forgot to mention that before in my squee over Ravage. Who I have opened, and am currently playing with. At work. Shhhhhhh!
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Target has ROTF Deluxes on sale through the 4th for 8.99.

I has a Ravage!
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Oooooooo, bouncy bouncy!

Very worth the $11.30 and driving to the Paradiso and dealing with the crowds.

Very pretty, and got to make geeky fanboys freak when Ironhide and Ratchet came on the screen and I said, "I have touched those trucks!" Couldn't say the same about Prime, but I got to get ver' close to him so haha! Treat me like some aberration because I do not have a penis and was not the with someone who had a penis? Take that stereotypes!


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Botcon so far has been much fun. Yesterday was a "free" day, so to speak, as we did not do the Hollywood tour. Thank the gods we didn't, as it apparently sucked arse.

Instead ran around the awesome pedestrian mall behind the center until it was time to queue up for the Hasbro store. Since people did not pay me in a timely manner for ebay purchases (grrrrrr), I just did manage to get all my Botcon editions (Sweeps! I have Sweeps!), plus some goodies for friends (if i waited, things would have been sold out, the rate things were going) and my prerelease Chromia. Who is NOT an Arcee repaint, but is totally awesome anyway.

But money is in my account now, so I have funds to play with in the dealer room today. Whee! I'm looking out for someone just selling their Scourge from the boxed set. I'm not keeping my boxed set; I'm just not that thrilled enough with the figures. But I do want a Scourge, because he is an awesome toy. Will be picking and choosing from among the souvenir packs again, as well. Razorclaw does nothing for me, but Elita is a requirement. I like Skyquake, because I like the mold, (keeping Leozack-the attendee figure- for the same reason. Sexy jets.), but Banzai-tron leaves me cold. The Sweeps, however, are not leaving my greedy little grasp. Even if they are worth the most money in aftermarket.

Got Scott a pre-release prime, got Jess, Elvis, and Caulin an Autobot Elite Guard shirt with an awesome Kup image on it. Emmy, I hope, hope, hope that growing-like-a-weed kid of yours wears a medium. Their gamer-sized, and the large looked like it would swallow him. I have made people smile; this makes me happy.

Dealer room opens at 2 for Primus package holders. I admit, I'm not so worried about being in that first push. Last year, you couldn't really look at anything because of the crowd.

That's the news for now. Cross-posting to Facebook, so sorry if some of you get this twice.
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Hoody Hoo!!!! I scored one of the coolest (but still affordable) finds in comicdom while we were in Little Rock a few weeks ago! The Uncanny X-men #134- first appearance of Dark Phoenix! It's in Excellent condition, no rips, tight spine. The pages are slightly yellowed, but considering everything from that period was printed on newsprint, that's not suprising. I got it from the owner of the game shop where we had day 2 of the Pre-release. He's not dealing in comics anymore since he moved his store into LR, and he gave me a great deal. I not too nuts about collecting the older books, but there are a few issues I've always wanted to get and the Dark Phoenix saga are in that group.

I've been assessing my extensive collection recently. I say "my" because while Lynson does read many of the titles, and some, like the Star Wars comics, we get pretty much exclusively for him, I am the one who stays on top of the collection. I am the one who reads everything. And I am the one who makes the decision to get rid of the "mistakes," stop collecting a series, or to pick up a new one. It's my highly organized and obsessive compulsive mess, and I've realized that it's getting a little ridiculous. I actively collect roughly anywhere between 75 & 100 titles, depending on how many mini-series are running at any given time. This does not include the trade paperbacks, graphic novels, mangas, and the like that I order from the same company.

At which point whoever's reading this goes, "You can't possibly READ all those! What's the point?!" Well, actually, I do read them all. At least, pior to moving back to Memphis from Jackson I read them all, every month. There was a point where things just kinda piled up on both me and Lyson after we got here, so we fell behind on a several titles. Now, I'm back up to reading at least 75% of each month's haul as it comes in. At least as far as the monthlies are concerned. I'm sitting across from a bookshelf which is mostly full of manga and trades that I HAVEN'T read yet. And ANOTHER book shelf full of novels and non-fiction that we've bought over the years that haven't been read. *Sigh*

So I'm getting ready to take the hatchet to the order sheet. Time to seriously consider each book on the list and determine if I'm still getting it because I truly enjoy the title, or because I've been getting it for a year(or more) and the OCD part of my brain is terrified of missing an issue. Any "new" title that I've picked up gets 5 issues or one storyline (whichever comes first) to prove itself worthy or it's gone.

I've also been purging the backstock. I'll be putting some lots on Ebay soon.

As far as the books and such, I've decided to start a weekly book review here on LJ. Each Sunday I'll pick something off the shelf that I haven't read yet, read it, and on Friday evening post a synopsis review. It may be a Graphic Novel, some random fiction, or a historical text. In the case of Manga, I'll review up to what every volume I own. Regardless of subject, I'll post what I'm reading for the week on Sunday, on the off chance that one of you has an interest in reading the same. The Friday review will be behind a cut, so you can skip it easily if you like. But I hope a few of you will actually read the review and spark some interesting discussions.
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An anecdote from the weekend in New York:

Backstory: we were working a professional level tournament for the Marvel and DC VS.System TCG (tradable card game) made by Upper Deck Entertainment (UDE).  I would like to point out that the VS staff for UDE rocks the casbah, as they paid for everything the flight and hotel, gave us each $200.00 for the weekend in "food money" PLUS about $1200 worth of product.  AND kept a staff of ...what's the plural for masseuse? to soothe the aching backs and shoulders of the staff.  That being said:


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So my birthday presents consited of the following: 1 sealed case of McFarlane's Twisted Fairytales Series 4 Figures, which netted me one complete set and a few extras for barter or ebay purposes AND one sealed case of Sin City Series 1 Figures.  That netted me one complete color and one complete B&W set....except for the Nancy and Marv Varients.  I need the Nancy w/ straight hair, and the Marv /w bloody face, no badages (both color and B&W versions of each).  I got both the the Yellow Bastard versions.  So if any of you see those variants out there LET ME KNOW!!!! PLEASE!!!!!  I'm trying to avoid paying ebay prices for them!!

Go here to see the McFarlene Figs

Here's the Sin City link, click each fig for a close up and series 2 comes out in a just a few months! Wheeeeeee!!!!!!


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