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Occasionally, I will stumble across someone or something, or someone doing something, that I really feel the need to share with others. I’m not talking about silly videos or links here; I’m talking about things or people or causes that I feel strongly about, that create, in their own way, a bit of magic in the world. I usually make a post or two encouraging you guys to check someone out, listen to their music or read their article. This time, I’d like to ask for something a bit more involved- a little help.

I want to talk to you about Crossed Genres Magazine

Crossed Genres is the second child of [ profile] metafrantic and [ profile] sandykidd. Just over a year ago, Meta and Sandy (Bart and Kay, respectively) embarked on the rather ambitious journey to create a quality publication of original science fiction/fantasy fiction and art one which not only would serve as a venue for new authors, but as a challenge of sorts for writers in that rather varied genre. Crossed Genres is available via print, through PDF downloads, through Amazon’s Kindle reader, and for free on their website. That’s right, they make the entire issue available for free to web readers. All they ask is that if you like a story, create an account and tell the author. You can even view the art from each issue online, and I have to say that they get some amazing artists submissions.

The twist Crossed Genres adds is that each month, they accept submissions for a certain genre of SciFi/Fantasy fiction and artwork. For example, the theme might be horror, western, or children’s fiction. All submissions must incorporate Scifi/Fantasy elements into the monthly theme. The idea is to remind writers that there’s more than one way to write in their chosen meta-genre of choice, and to challenge them to try writing outside their normal box. All submissions must meet Bart and Kay’s guidelines for submission and chosen submissions are run through the editorial wringer. And boy, are they good editors!

Their November Issue marked the magazine’s one year anniversary and featured a double-sized issue. November’s theme was LGBTQ- Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Queer- and features some of the best fiction they’ve published to date, in my opinion. My favorite was The Tale of the Innocent Little Mermaid Statue That Corrupted Many a Youth and Turned Many a Young Lady Into a Lesbian by Megan Rose Gedris, largely because it riffed the classic fairytale in a wonderful and unpretentious manner, and also because it reminds me of the type of tale [ profile] s00j might sing. November also marked the announcement of their first anthology, wherein they collect one story from each of the first twelve issues. They hit some amazing milestones this month, hitting more page views than ever before.

But they might not be able to continue.

Bart and Kay, they never went into this to make money. This magazine, it’s as much a labor of love as any thing else, and when I called it their second child I was not exaggerating. Anyone who has ever built something up with their own hands and sweat and effort knows what it’s like to push your precious darling out into the sun and hope it survives. They love writing. They love art. They love the crazy, wonderful, mixed-up mess that Science Fiction and Fantasy can be. They want to keep Crossed Genres going as long as they possibly can, but bankrolling it is putting a strain on them financially, something they’ve been loathe to speak about but finally had to admit. Shortly before Thanksgiving, they were more than a grand in the really bad red; not just “we need this to break even” it’s “we need this to be able to continue.” Even though response to the magazine is growing by leaps and bounds, sales aren’t.

They need those sales. They need them badly.

I’m not asking everyone to go out and buy the magazine. I’m not asking for you go donate. I’m just asking that you go to the site, read a few stories. Check out the archive if the current genre isn’t to your liking, but stay and look around. If you like what you see, pass the site on to your friends. Twitter, LJ, Facebook, MySpace, whatever- just get the word out. If you want to buy, then by all means, buy.

Bart and Kay are two of my dearest friends, and I want them to succeed. I want to help them however I can, and while I can’t help them financially, I can damn sure signal boost to the moon.
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I'd just like to direct all the artists, writers, designers, and other assorted creative people on my list to an excellent rebuttal to the argument currently revolving around the Googlebooks fiasco. by [ profile] satyrblade aka Phil Brucato. Gaming buddies, you might recognize the name, as he's been in the industry for quite some time.

And if you don't know what fiasco I'm talking about, here's a link to one of many articles on the subject.

And yes, yes, I know I haven't made a post of substance (ie about me) in ages. Getting to it. Promise.


Jul. 30th, 2009 12:01 am
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Quartered: Songs of Palimpsest by SJ Tucker. Companion to the book Palimpsest.

Sensual, rich music. Intoxicating. Seductive drums, bewitching vocals, melodies that grab you and insist upon all your attention...go listen. Sample it. See if you can get away without it ensnaring you.

It isn't just music you listen to. It is music you live.
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Iowa rocks my socks. Eventually, everyone will get the clue.

Also, in case this is applicable to anyone reading, or you know someone to whom it might be...

My good friend [ profile] ravynfyre has made the very generous offer to marry any homosexual couples in Iowa (or anywhere else it's legal, if they help get her to their state) for free. She's given full permission to spread the word So I'm a-spreadin' it.
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Today's Two Lumps

If you have kitties you will understand.
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Yo [ profile] eclectic_spirit! Here is a link to what we were discussing over Indian food the other day. YOu can do it; ya know you want to...


and I should be e-mailing you that fic to beta, er, soon....Gah I've only got a week left to submit. I'll never hear the end of it if I miss the deadline! I've been so damned busy!!!!
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Okay peoples here's the skinny on [ profile] metafrantic's latest bit of craziness. I know there are a few other HP writer/fans on my F-list. So go and sign-up! C'mon it'll be fun!

Calling all Harry Potter fans!

I've taken on something I never should have, but with a great deal of help and word of mouth I believe I can pull it off.

Introducing The Great Harry Potter Drabble Challenge! I am seeking ONE 100-word drabble from each of you - which will collectively equal ONE drabble for EVERY PAIRING IN THE HARRY POTTER WORLD! (I hope...)

And yes, there are well over 10,000 possible pairings, if you include all the minor characters!

Please visit the site for more details, and PLEASE, pass the word! This is going to take an amazing amount of communication to pull off!


/end pimpage
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Have to give out some major congrats to [ profile] ladyofthemasque! Contracts and paychecks aside, here's affirmation of her accomplishment:

The Sword : A Novel of the Sons of Destiny

I've been a fan of LOTM's fanfic for awhile now. Her stories are believable, well-written (even the smut), and flow very well. I mean, really, For Someone Special is probably one of the most read stories at Restricted Section and it's freaking 162 chapters long, plus epilogue. You don't sit through something that long if it's awful, no matter how hot the sex is, no sirree.

So I'm please that the Lady's being published, and fully intend to pick up her books. If you like romantic fantasy, I'd encourage you to check it out when it comes out next February.

And, yeah, I'll probably rec it again when more info is posted about the premise.


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