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Since my other eye was also getting red and gunky by the time I took my break, I was looking in earnest for other medical care options. One of my coworkers, Jennifer, mentioned a new quick care center that her Walgreens has. And lo and behold, it was open!

$68.00 for the visit and $10.00 later for the meds, I was on my way home. Still not sheap, but a hella lot better than $150.00.

So, yays. I have eyedrops.


Jun. 6th, 2009 09:24 am
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So, you know, back in the day, part of the deal with Minor Meds were that they were for lower income people who couldn't afford a primary card doc, and the prices were done accordingly with payment plan options. Apparently, that is no longer the case

A Minor Med visit would start at $150.00. For that price, I might as well go see my normal doctor when he reopens on Tues. And yeah, the ER is still an option. I just really, really have an issue with going and sitting for hours in an ER, taking up space that an actual trauma patient might need, just to get some damned eye-drops.

I picked up some allergy eye-drops, and they actually seem to be helping. It's entirely possible that this well clear up quickly on it's own. After all, it is a side affect of my allergies/sinus infection. I'll see where things are sitting on Tues. Except for the major amount of goo one eye is secreting, it isn't really bothering me. It just looks> like hell.
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Now that the flu symptoms have cleared up, I've been left with just the sinus infection. No big deal; I've had enough of those for them to be a non-issue to me, and yesterday, I was feeling pretty good. One of my eyes was red and a bit itchy, but again, not really a problem.

However, while I was eating the lovely steak dinner I decided to treat myself to, it kept getting more an more itchy and...goopy fpr lack of a better term. By the time I went to bed last night, it was a lovely shade of red, and all the membranes were swollen, giving me that droopy eyelid look. Woke up this morning? Whatever it is is spreading to the other eye.

So I have a case of some form of conjunctivitis, but still have to go into work. I may only work till the 1pm relief comes in, but there really isn't much of an option for me at the moment. I can't [i]not[/i] work, after already mising one of my three scheduled days for the week.

And since it's my eyes, and I don't play around when it comes to my eyes, I have to got to a minor med after work, and hope and pray that they will not charge me an arm and a leg. If it's going to run me more than 100-150 for the visit, I might as well go to the ER, where I'll at least have the option of paying later. But I hate, hate, hate doing that.

At least I'm off on Sunday. This does, however, mean I'll miss yet another of the SG church meetings, because if i don't have to go out and risk spreading it several people, I won't. Which I am supposed to be attending for my Realm one CLEP requirements. At least at work I can actually limit the amount of true contact I have with customers. If I stay on the register, only handling the money, and use hand sanitizer like a mad woman and wipe down the keyboard and such before switching off with someone, it should minimize the risk.

So, these last few days of hell are the price i pay for having been mostly Not Sick for almost a year. I think I preferred my predictable sinus bouts, thank you very much.

At least my birthday itself was a good day.


Jun. 3rd, 2009 06:14 pm
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So....I have the flu.

I have gotten my Thurs shift covered. Hopefully, with Mama Dragon's help, I will knock it out so that I can work on Friday.
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No sleep last night. Literally. Zip Zilch Nada.

Had another round of nausea and puking, and was having very, very painful gas and intestinal cramps. They didn't let up till about 6 am. So I could have slept then right? Noooooooo, because the damn squirrels are back in the wall again, having chewed through the construction grade foam we used to fill the holes last early spring. And of course, now we don't have access to an extension ladder, so we haven't been able to get up there and plug them again.

I am going to attempt to eat real food today. Some cereal...maybe some rice later. Something solid. I HAVE to go to work tomorrow. It simply is non-negotiable at this point.

Also....just occurred to me that I have ATC's due on Fri. So I guess I'm gonna try and slap those together between naps on the couch.

My back and neck ache something awful.

Sorry for the whining the past few days, y'all.
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So, I have yet to progress to truly solid foods, though both last night and this afternoon I managed some (mostly broth) soup.

Never did really sleep yesterday. Kinda dozed off and on on the couch. Thought I was done throwing up, then had another round last night. However, that seems to actually be done, now. Thank goodness.

Laid down to attempt sleep last night around 10:30, passed out almost immediately and didn't wake up till about 6am. I hadn't moved all night and I was SORE! Went back to bed and didn't get up till the alarm went off at 9. Wouldn't have gotten up then if I hadn't had to go get the Diamond shipment. Thought I'd be fine to do that on my own, until I almost collapsed going back up the stairs, because I was too weak. So Lynson drove me (they won't give the shipment to anyone but me, and Lynson didn't know where the warehouse was, anyway.) By the time we got back, I was pretty damn fried. Went upstairs to change back into my robe, and passed back out on the bed till almost 2pm. Apparently I was tired.

I went ahead and called into work for tomorrow. I sincerely doubt I will be well enough to work in the morning, and that gives an extra day to become not-contagious. I really don't want anyone else getting this.
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so....the fact that I'm up and posting this at 8:30 should be a tip-off....

No sleep for Cyn.

I was puking every 15-30 mins from the time of my last post until about 6am. There were several times I was puking into a trashcan, because the other end was on the toilet. At least now I have a VERY clean colon.

After an hour of not being sick, I decided to brave some Gatorade and try to get some electrolytes back in me. Yea, I didn't puke it up, even though I still feel like I might at any second. I am now attempting to drink some jello water. Here's hoping for success.

Trust me people, you do not want this crap. I have now entered the alternating fever/chills phase (Stage 2, I think, or is it 3 if you count the aches), and I feel week as a kitten. [ profile] draconisferret had Stage 1 for 24 hours, I'm hoping I can shake it faster, as I know her immune system was really run down.

And yeah, work is right out today. Even if by some miracle I felt up to going in later, I would not expose my worst enemy to this crap. Working things out, we've determined it must have a 5-7 day incubation period, and I'm just hoping that I haven't already passed to to someone.

So, I'll be around and online, but not talking much.
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So, yeah, the icky aches I've had the past couple of days, and the headaches? Seems I have may have come down with the same virus that laid out [ profile] draconisferret last week. Because I have spent the past 2.5 hours in the bathroom, and joy of joys, now the puking has started. I feel like my there is a lead weight in my gut and I fucking hurt.

I'm crossing my fingers that I don't have that bug, because I really can't afford the time off work. Here's to hoping.

Why couldn't this have started Thurs night after I got home instead?
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I would love to find out what has FUBAR'ed my immune system.

When I was kid, I had major sinus/breathing issues, the main cause of which was my living in a smoke-filled house. About a year after my parent's divorce, and getting out of said house, I stopped having more than the "normal" sinus problems. Since moving to Memphis alomst 10 years, I've hardly had any major infections.

Until the this year.

I have had 4 major infections since Jan, and am currently on 2 rather expensive medicines daily to TRY and keep my suddenly hyper-sensitive sinuses in check. Now, when I say a major infection, I mean it can take anywhere from 1-2 months for me to recover; so basically I've spent most of the past year sick in one way or another.

And now I have some sort of lymph node/sinus crap that has apparently been making the rounds in Memphis. It's a bit like having strep, without the fever and chills. My white count was through the roof. The nodes under my chin are swollen and sore, and my sinues ache. And I have lovely pus pockets on my tonsils. But no drainage, no coughing, no symptom at all that is part of the normal sinus infection MO.

On the plus, I was amazed at being able to get in and out of my doctor's office in under 3 hours, despite not having an appt. Not so good- my usually easy-to-bleed body wouldn't give it up. Three different sticks and no blood; there was barely any leakage when the needle was pulled out. She hit the vein OK, but I wouldn't bleed. So she did a finger-stick for the white count and I prayed that Oakley wouldn't decide he needed other tests. The sad part? My FINGER didn't even want to bleed.

To top things off I have a massive fever blister that popped up Monday; I haven't had an outbreak in over a year, and BOOM! I look like I poured hot grease on my chin. Very attractive.

I feel like poo. I think I'll go lie down now.
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I. Am. In. Pain.

I have always had painful periods. Once I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts in high school, and put on the pill, the cramping went down enough so I could still function during them.

A few years ago, my OB/GYN but me on the "quarterly cycle"; basically, I only have a period 4 times a year, once every three months. All and all, it's a much better system, as my period only last 3-4 days and is usually very light in the pain department. As a bonus, I suffer from very little of the other assorted PMS problems, like bloating, headaches, food cravings, etc. Very seldom do I have a full blown "OMG I'm gonna die!" period anymore.

Guess I was due.

I woke up cramping so bad I could barely move. Had to get up and walk around some, because that usually settles the cramps down to a tolerable level. On top of that I have a terrible headache, right at the base of my skull. I feel like I gained 10 lbs overnight and don't even want to think about eating because it may come back up. My body aches.

I think I'm going to lay on the couch and watch bad TV all day. I'd go back to bed, but the upstairs gets really warm during the day, plus Alex thinks if I'm in the bed he has to be in the bed too and worries me to death. Not to mention the cats would pile on top too.....

Basically, I just feel miserable.
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I am going to the doctor tomorrow for this drainage crap (yet again). I think I'm going to ask for a rec to see an ENT doctor. Because in the past 2 years, this crap has gotten waaaaaay out of hand. Lynson and I have been together for 7 years now and even he is saying he has NEVER seen me as bad as I am right now.

I got zero sleep last night. I started having coughing fits again around 3pm yesterday. My record last night for lying down was 1 hour from one fit to the next. The fits seem to have finally settled down a tad; so I'm thinking I might be able to get some sleep sitting up in a chair. Laying down is bad-makes things shift.

My body aches from the two days of fits; and I'm fairly certain I pulled some muscles in my chest Tues.

The worst is that I have A LOT of things I need to get done, like packing, but no energy or focus to do them. Plus we have an event this weekend and since Lynson has to judge it he need me to scorekeep.
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Okay, I am dripping from almost every place it is possible to drip from and am coughing my overstressed head off. I don't trust myself to drive with coughing fits this strong. Can't eat, 'cause it just gets coughed back up.

I was FINE with my normal allergy meds; I,ve been taking them ever since last week when the I got my first "throat tickle." I take Zyrtec in the morning and Singular at night. Those two knocked out the evil plauge of doom from 1st quarter. They are SUPPOSED to take care of my allergies.

I'm allergic to the city, apparently.
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I have been sick since coming back from Hattiesburg after MS States. Head and muscle aches, and upset tummy. Don't want to eat...eating makes me nauseous. If I don't feel better tomorrow, I'm going to the DR.....
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The orthopedic I've been seeing about my foot troubles has put my right foot in "da boot". Essentially it's like a cast but I can take it off for bathing. I'm not supposed to take it off except for bathing.  The whole point of the thing is to coerce the plantar fascia into stetching back out to normal and not contracting up so tight that it shreds into cube steak every time I take a step. 

It's actually Ok to walk in, and a helluva lot easier to sleep in than the night splints.  But the big thing is I can't drive w/ the damn thing on.   Which means if I have to go somewhere I have to take the boot off to drive, then put it back on before I get out of the car. Something I discovered is a MAJOR PAIN IN THE ASS, esp in the small confines of a Saturn SL.  So for the next month, I will be doing very little exteraneous driving. 

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You know, I like the Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis communities on LJ, but since I'm a member of most of both of them, plus several of the related communities, it's rather annoying when somone cross-posts to ALL of them, esp when they don't cut...


BTW, mood is improving since last post; knowing that I will soon be leaving Eclectica has done more than I expected. Back is not improving. Bleh. Car is back, and w/ the exception of one last repair that was overlooked because it was INSIDE the car, in actually better condition than before the wreck. Getting seat fixed tomorrow. Memphis peeps if you need body work I Highly recommend Mace's Towing and Repair on Knight Arnold. Can't even tell the car was in a wreck.

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Okay, a quick update on me and my car.

The car wasn't totaled out, but did take almost $4000.00 worth of damage.  The guy who hit me was insured through Allstate, and they've already given me the repair money check and set me up w/ a rental car until mine is fixed.  The injury case is still pending, as my doctor wants me to come back at the end of the month for another check up. He's thinking I may need some physical therapy  I was "technically" cleared to go back to work yesterday, under limited conditions, so I did.  However, both yesterday and today I haven't been able to work a full shift.  Basically after about 3 hours of constant standing, my back feels like every muscle has turned to concrete.  And I can't very well take my  flexerill/lortab cocktail at work..  So I'm easing back into it.  I don't work again until Fri so we'll see.

I am, however, very annoyed that I am getting "ambulance chaser" calls from doctors who "specialize in post-accident care".  They seem to be very put out when I tell them I'm already seeing my doctor.

Jesse, I'm sorry this has delayed the invitations a bit, but I'm hoping to work on some of them tomorrow, so you can get the international ones out ASAP.
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Thanks to everyone for your notes of happiness. AS you can see, I'm checking the computer during moments of vague lucidity. Usually these types of meds don't make me so loopy, but I'm having trouble taking in an adaquate supply of food. It hurts when I eat, meaning I likely brused my insides as well as my outsides.....I'll know more after my dr appt today.

Hugs to all of you. Thanks again.
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I have perhaps THE worst migrane I have ever had. My medicine is making no dent in it at all, and I've been alternating between lieing in bed praying that I could just sleep a little, pacing up and down the house because my body is to keyed up to sleep, and puking. Yeah, that kind off migrane.

Started out w/ a slight sinus headache yesterday morning. By the time I got back from the bank (evil sunlight), I felt like my head was going to pop off.

If I don't sleep today, and get rid of theis damn thing, working tomorrow is REALLY GOING TO SUCK...Esp as I have to have a "meeting" w/ Lenny to discuss "important matters"

Maybe I'll get lucky and he'll fire me.
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While I'm still alive enough to be jealous of [ profile] archmage for going to the HP Lovecraft film festival, I still feel as if I have been run over by a steamroller....I've progressed up to rice and beef broth and haven't been sick since yesterday. 

You know, I've worked corporate retail so long, it's programmed into my brain that as long as none of the following apply-fever, vomiting, paralysis, or death-you go to work.  So I had e-mailed that I would be at work to close, because, well, that's the way it works right?  Well, I get there, they look at me, tell me to go home, that someone else will come in and close, yada yada yada.

I may have some work issues right now, but that doesn't change the fact that they're good people.   

Man, I really want a steak right now.  Something with some real taste and substance....I just don't want to puke it back up.




Oct. 3rd, 2004 08:49 pm
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nothing like waking up at 6am and vomiting for 4 hrs straight, then floating in and out of conciousness for the rest of the day.

stomach viruses suck.

at least I can eat soemthing now...dry toast never tasted so good...


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