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60) I love Archie comics, always have. I still get the Double Digests each month and keep up w/ Archie, Jughead and the rest of the gang from Riverdale:)
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59) When I was 10, I was given the "Christmas gift" of a years worth of Weight Watchers meetings. So there I was, a kid, being dropped off every week by myself with a bunch of whiny grown-ups.

Ya know, I think the sad thing is, I wasn't a huge child; I weighed around 15lbs over the "average" for my age group. Nowadays, that would BE average, based on the kids I see every day.

And people wonder why I have self esteem issues. I started Kindergarten at age 6, and I think I started "dieting" the next day.

Kids can be cruel, and well-meaning parents can be crueler.
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58) I grew up with equal exposure to both country and rock music. So while I trend toward the harder side of rock, there will always be country music artists that I will gladly listen to, even purchase. Most notably of which is Alabama...though I don't think they're actually making new albums anymore. I like the old Oak Ridge Boys, and classic Reba, too:)

El-vir-a (oom-boppa-mow-wa) hearrrrts on fire, for Elvira.
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57)My pinkie toes are pointed, with almost no nail:p It's a family thing on my mother's side.
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56)I most assuredly do not have a green thumb. It's not that everything I try to grow dies; it's that I simply can't make things thrive. They always look so pitiful!

Except for the basil a few years ago. Man, that stuff was almost 5 ft tall....growing out of a pot, even
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55) I like scotch. A lot.
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54) I kept my maiden name.
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54) Favorite cocktail: Amaretto Sour
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53) I like apples, but not cooked apples. It's really rare for me to eat cooked apples, eg apple pie, baked apples, etc. I also can't stand applesauce.

I think it's a texture thing. Most people cook the poor things to death. I don't like the "mushiness" that most cooked apples have. Apples are supposed to be crisp, damn it!
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52) One of my Dad's hobbies is working on cars. I'm not talking "get the heap out on Sat's and work on it". I'm talking about a man who regularly buys wrecks, rebuilds them, and sells them for a nice profit. So I and my sister know our way around a vehicle, and how to keep one running till it "just can't run no more". Though I'm less adept at working on my Saturn then I was at deciphering the problems of my old, trusty Chevy Cavalier. Damn Toyota engines, pain in the ass to work around. Just kidding, I like Toyotas.

First off I fully admit that I have had assistance in these endeavors, esp as most of them are 2 person jobs. Thanks in particular to [ profile] wolfboi, Christoff, my hubby, Christopher Robin, and my dear old Dad for assists at different times.

I have made the following repairs to my car(s) sans shop: Changed various hoses, changed out the alternator, changed out various belts, replaced a tensioner pully (which I have no desire to repeat), changed brakes,...and there was some wiring stuff in there too, but that was mostly my dad w/ my help.

Perhaps the one thing I'm bad about is checking my tires regularly.

And I hate to change my oil; I get someone else (ahem, the hubby) to do that.
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51) I am not afraid of heights per se, but I do have a severe problem with ladders, even small step ladders. I managed to get over it to an extent when I worked retail, because, well, you HAVE to get on ladders. But it got worse again when I *gasp* fell off a ladder a couple of years ago.

I was known to buy cookies and cokes for my employees if they'd change the lightbulbs/wash the windows/whatever. Anything to avoidgetting on the damn ladders.
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50) Careers I have considered, aside from art: veterinarian, chef, Lit teacher, classical musician and writer
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49) I very much enjoy playing pool. There was a time a few years ago when I got to play often at the local coffee shop. I miss that.

Hey, Emmy, maybe we should get together and go take over a table somewhere. Of course, it won't be as much fun since there'e no Morgan to shock anymore;)!
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48) I'm a witch...but I don't consider myself Wiccan, for various reasons.

Yes, I know that most of you know that already; however, I have made many new LJ friends recently who don't. And I'm still sick and doped on meds and can't think of anything else super-interesting.
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47) I will read just about anything, but I'm not so big on romance novels. I really only like teo authors, Jude Deveraux and Amanda Quick, when it comes to that genre.

Well, I also like [ profile] ladyofthemasque's fanfic, which I do classify as romance (heavy erotica, but still romance). But the Lady is in a class by herself!
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46) When I'm feeling very stressed, I will randomly screech Chick-eennns!!!. What made me associate that word w/ de-stressing I'll never know. I've done it since I was a kid. And, scarily enough, it works.
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45) 3 years ago I had a cervical cancer scare. If all goes well at my appt. next week, I will officially be declared "clean." Here's hoping.
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44) I HATE English peas. HATE HATE HATE THEM!!!!! I won't order fried rice if they put those damn peas in there!!!!!
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43) I adore candied ginger. I eat it straight out of the bag.
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42) Not too long after my intial move to Memphis, I decided on a whim to color my hair. I picked out this great black cherry, burgandy color.

It came out purple...which incidentally, I loved:) I kept it that way for a few years, though each time I re-colored, it was more red and less purple, but s'okay.


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