May. 12th, 2006

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Hoody Hoo! Paid off my physical theraphy bill today! Hah, take that!

I love deleting bills from my spreadsheet!

In other news, we are going and signing the papers today. By close of business, we will own a house. I'm scared to death. I swear, this is scarier then getting married.
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52) One of my Dad's hobbies is working on cars. I'm not talking "get the heap out on Sat's and work on it". I'm talking about a man who regularly buys wrecks, rebuilds them, and sells them for a nice profit. So I and my sister know our way around a vehicle, and how to keep one running till it "just can't run no more". Though I'm less adept at working on my Saturn then I was at deciphering the problems of my old, trusty Chevy Cavalier. Damn Toyota engines, pain in the ass to work around. Just kidding, I like Toyotas.

First off I fully admit that I have had assistance in these endeavors, esp as most of them are 2 person jobs. Thanks in particular to [ profile] wolfboi, Christoff, my hubby, Christopher Robin, and my dear old Dad for assists at different times.

I have made the following repairs to my car(s) sans shop: Changed various hoses, changed out the alternator, changed out various belts, replaced a tensioner pully (which I have no desire to repeat), changed brakes,...and there was some wiring stuff in there too, but that was mostly my dad w/ my help.

Perhaps the one thing I'm bad about is checking my tires regularly.

And I hate to change my oil; I get someone else (ahem, the hubby) to do that.


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