May. 23rd, 2006

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Meh, it's been a hell of a week/end. Not gonna post too long, too busy, too tired.

M:TG Regionals was not so good for us. Nothing like losing 2K in one day because WOTC's scheduling SUCKS! Ah well, the event ran well, at least. But then, we ALWAYS put on a good event. That's about all I can say or the WOTC legal monkey's will come down on my head.

House is coming along, and we should be sleeping there by the weekend. Yeah!!

Bought a Dyson Animal&trade, a vac I've had my eye on for awhile now. With 4 cats, ya need a good vaccum. Also picked up my new office chair (finally!!) and desk. Now that I have a chair w/ good back support and a desk that's the proper height, spending 8-10 hours a day doing the ebay thing will (hopefully) not end in a Flexeril/Lortab combo quite as often.

We pulled up the carpet in the downstairs "bedroom" because that will be the official "home office" for the business. I have a tendancy to organize things so that I can just roll my chair from place to place, which means carpet=bad. Gonna go with painted concrete for now. Later, we'll probably go for hardwood. I have a great idea for a really mod, geometric theme, in blacks and grays, a deep red accent...

Anyways, so we pull up the carpet and we can smell a little mildew. Eh, not suprising. A few years back Pamela had trouble w/ the front porch flooding. Pull back the pad and Voila! The concrete is COVERED in dry mold, what looks like the nasty, Black Mold of Death&trade . You would never have guessed this from the carpet condition, and until we peeled back the carpet, we couldn't smell anything.

Oh, and it's almost 10pm when we find this crap.

So we used the "Super-Vac" to get up the "dust", while holding cloths over our face of course; we were afraid to leave it overnight for fear too much would get sucked up into the vents, get moist, and spore again. [ profile] draconisferret poured bleach on the floor and we let it set overnight.

So I spent today wearing one of those hot, uncomfortable masks, re-bleaching the floor (KILL IT KILL IT KILL IT!!!!), and prying up carpet strips that were practically rotten. Sooooooo much fun.

The plus is that neither the sheetrock nor the insulation around the vents appears to have mold in it. We're probably gonna take down a small sheetrock panel under the windows (where the water came in) and give it a better check. Of course, we also have to patch the concrete, because pulling up the carpet nails left some bad holes.

And tomorrow, I get to go scrape popcorn off the ceiling! Joy!

I know, I know...welcome to the joys of homeownership. I'm still happy, really I am. Just tired.

Now I think I'll do what the Good Doctor said and go to my room. 'night y'all.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] draconisferret!

Yeah, yeah, I'm 4 minutes early. so sue me.


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