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Yes, I know I didn't post yesterday. I was tired and very grumpy once I got home. So have a daily double.

1) Game Night
2) I apparently cook good comfort food, especially mashed potatoes.
3) Chatting with Scott
4) Laughing myself silly over exceptional inappropriate topics
5) Maintaining composure
6) Progress
7) Mead sampling
8) Grimm is fan-fucking-tastic and I can't believe I waited this long
9) [ profile] tek2way and his Star Wars ditty
10) Thing leave, and they won't come back


Grocery shopping done
Sorted a lot of things down further, filled 2.5 trash bags and truly emptied four boxes of moderate size.
Sooper Sekrit Projekt Phase 1 started

I have accepted the fact that there is a lot that I will not get done that was on my list. Things happened over the course of the week to change my timetable, and I'm ok with that. Things will get done as they get done.
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1) Catching up with friends
2) Steak dinner!
3) Finally getting the computer and the accoutrements for it situated.
4) I gets a Tannen tomorrow! This is becoming a habit!
5) Showing off Pro to folks who appreciate all the work that went into it.


Really, I didn't get anything on the List done, but I took out several bags of trash, sorted through some stuff, and made plans for the next few days. Tomorrow is going to be a very full day, with several stops through the day, but I'll manage. Helping friends is much more important.
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Five Happy Things

1) My knee is not as fubar as I feared.
2) Masterchef
3) Playing Jenga
4) Helping a friend
5) The Bacon of Gaming


Not much actually accomplished today. But stuff started. That counts, right?

Ortho appointment
Started shuffling stuff around in the house
Talked to Dad
Planned dinner for Friday's game
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In case you haven't guessed, you get combo posts the whole time I'm on vacation

Five Happy Things

1) The Fame and Misfortune Kickstarter was a huge success! Yay! I gets a Kel commission! The question is, of who? I'm thinking I need a portrait for new little thief girl.
2) Catching up with Tai
3) Car passed inspection
4) Newsroom
5) Freshly laundered bedding

Today's items off the list

Bathroom done, except for cleaning out/organizing the cabinets
Car inspected
Some grocery/household shopping done
Bedding washed
Scheduled time with Tannen
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Five Happy Things

1) Murphy time
2) A magical conversation
3) Promises
4) Being Productive
5) Taking the higher road


Quickly jotting down what I accomplished today off the massive list

Kitchen: everything but the floors
Caught up on DZ (though I'm up again in one spot. That's ok though.)
Started on the patio
Started on the DVR'd items. Knocked off about ten hours worth of stuff.
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Clean Kitchen: fridge, counters, stove, dishes, floor, sink
Clean Bathroom: tub, sink, toilet, floor, cabinets
Rehang the Fallen TFs
Take a load to storage
Pull some things out of storage for selling
Clean off dressers
List Ebay items, both the books culled earlier and anything else I come across in the house
Go through craft items, cull, and organize remainder into the TARDIS.started, sort of
Clean up living room: sort boxes, floors, dust
Catch up on DZ
Catch up on Grimm and other assorted DVR'd items in progress
Make samples for my bookmaking classes
Start work on owed books for folks
Grocery shopping
Clean up Patio started
Wash bedding
Get car inspected
Get tags

Ortho appointment at 730am on Tues
Need to call Dad. May or may not be going down there this weekend. Depends on money and what the doctor says about my knee.
Catch up with Tannen so she can see Pro in person and shop my craft stash of craftiness. I imagine much organizational hijinks will ensue.
Make a couple of Serious LJ Entries
Set in motion first phase of Sooper Sekrit Projekt

There are probably other things that should be here, but this is a good starting point. We'll see how much I manage over the week.
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maintained kitchen, laundry, and living room
washed and folded clothes
listed a bunch of stuff on ebay.
made a birthday card
sorted out and purged more books
recovered from housing snafu
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Cooked large amounts of curry for SG Imbolc

Painted boxes for Box swap, which let me knock something else off my 101 in 1001

Grocery Shopping

Paid a few bills

Sorted and organized the cookbooks, knocking that off my 101 in 1001

Maintained the library and Living room. The kitchen and laundry were fine until the weekend, when I was just too damn busy. However, I'll be remedying that shortly.

I just didn't do as much this week. Mostly, because I decided I'd been running my ass off and needed some down time. For the most part, I've managed to not get freaked out about "not getting things done." Which is a major step forward for me.
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Finished my own handmade Book of Shadows

Taught a "class" in basic bookmaking to the coven

Started on the first part of my Muses box swap

Maintained kitchen, laundry, entry, and library

Mopped the living room, vaccumed the furniture, washed the curtains, finally got blinds, and dusted. Which means I can mark that off my 101 in 1001

Baked a ham

Got my besom hung finally

Doesn't look like as much as it felt like, but then, a lot of it is maintainence.
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Maintained the kitchen and laundry

Boxed up 7 large Sterelite tubs worth of figures for storage. This is not the "all but 1/4" as mentioned on my 101 in 1001, but it does mean I no longer have figures piled on the floor

Organized remaining figures

Purged between 1/4 and 1/3 of the figures and put them in the ebay room as salable. Not marking this off the list just yet, as I'm still waffling on a few items. I know I'm over 1/4 gone, just don't think I'm upt the full 1/3 mark.

Washed and folded laundry

Worked on a new handbound book

Cleaned out the library

Mopped the hardwood floor
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I actually got quite a bit done this week, though I'm having one of those bouts where it just feels....neverending and futile. BUT! I shall not dwell on such things at the momoment, for here is the weekly tally of Things I Did!

Completed my cards for the Quickutz Club swap. Not only am I proud having them done not days, but weeks before they are due, this also makes week two the "Make art every week for a month" spot on my 101 in 1001.

Actually cleaned up after making said cards, instead of leaving the bits scattered here and yon

Sorted out and packed up 60 lots for the garage sale, which let me tick off another 101 in 1001 item

Cleaned off and chunk sorted the craft supplies on the Table of Doom. Started back sorting through the chunks.

Maintained the kitchen, laundry room, and entry including mopping the floor.

Washed all my throws and fleece blankies

Cleaned up the living room. Now, this is on my 101 in 1001. However, I'm not marking it off just yet. All the trash is out of there, as is all the cardboard. I separated my DVDs and CDs from Lynson's and moved them to my bookshelf unit. Organized and sorted them at the same time which let me tick off two more things on The List. The room still needs to rearranged a bit, the furniture vacuumed, and every thing needs a good dusting. The drapes need washing and the floor needs mopping. Once all that is done, I'll mark "Clean the living room" off my List

Helped [ profile] slackeremeritus sort through some more of her parent's things. Also assisted her with giving her furbabies earmite drops, and gave her some pointers on doing that on her own.
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I decided that it would be easier to make my Busy Bee posts once a week, instead of everyday. This way, I can group together little mundane items, and I won't "feel bad" if I don't do something noteworthy on any particular day. I'm running it from Mon-Sun, which coincides w/ my work week.

Cleaned kitchen: Wiped down stove, counters, and sink, did many loads of dishes, swept and mopped the floor twice.

Cleaned entry way: Swept and mopped

Worked on my craft room. This was the biggie. Ever since I rearranged it several months ago, there have been boxes covering most of the floor, boxes from when we moved in. These boxes have all been gone through and separated (*ticks one item off her 101 in 1001* ). I'm almost done purging; however, I won't tick that one off till I go back through all my unpainted minis and purge 1/4 of them. Threw away a ton of trash, sorted a chunk of craft items to go to the store garage sale, and rough sorted most everything. I know I have my first 30 items for the sale; I'm pretty sure that once I finish the last table, I'll have 60. Though that last table is a doozy, as I've been kinda just piling things up on it. I have that, and my computer desk to deal with, and that will be done. Goal: Have that all done by next Sunday.

Cooked two meals instead of eating out- or eating crap.

Sent out more ebay items.

Finished an overdue handstitched book.

Started reading The Science of the Craft. I am thoroughly hooked. Explaining how magic is real and works through quantum theory? Oh, gods, yes, that makes my little analytical heart go squee.

Started working on a non-fiction article to submit to Crossed Genres.

Maintained the clean kitchen.

Cleaned the downstairs bathroom

Cleaned the laundry room: Swept and mopped twice, and kept the litter boxes clean

Washed, folded, and put away laundry.
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Made bed
maintained laundry
packaged more ebay (yea! Stuff leaves the house!)
finished Muses swap- except that I miss-counted, and have to make one more piece. meh
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made bed,
washed and folded darks
updated bills
packaged ebay
sorted the remaining March of Legions
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made bed
maintained laundry room
updated bill file
finished stamping, painting, and foiling glass pieces for my Muses project
Packaged ebay
Got Becca and Ravyn's packed and ready to go out today
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made bed
maintained kitchen
maintained laundry room
stamped & painted glass for Muses project
made Sculpey bits for Muses project
updated bill file
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cleaned up kitchen: counters, stove, sink, mopped floors
unloaded/loaded dishwasher
mopped laundry room floor
mopped entryway floor
packaged ebay
created a new bill spreadsheet
Did a major clean up on the eBay room. Got a huge amount of trash out of the room, broke down boxes and rearranged so that almost all product is off the floor now. It has a floor!
Got all the non-TCG eBay product out of the living room.

I's tired!
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Not much today- and that's okay.

made bed
did two loads of dishes
maintained laundry
sorted bills
cooked my own T-giving mini-feast
started sculpting again
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Made bed
Load/Unload dishewasher
finished a commission
grocery shopping
picked up items for commissions
packed more ebay
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Made bed
Maintained laundry
Maintained kitchen
Made one altered composition book for a commission
Packaged more cardboard


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