Aug. 19th, 2012

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1) I was introduced to a simply amazing little bakery and deli today by my Jessi. It is an hour away, but OMG so worth it.
2) I now know the Way of the Gumbo
3) Sharing
4) Family Time
5) Milk and Cookies for a bedtime snack.
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Clean Kitchen: fridge, counters, stove, dishes, floor, sink
Clean Bathroom: tub, sink, toilet, floor, cabinets
Rehang the Fallen TFs
Take a load to storage
Pull some things out of storage for selling
Clean off dressers
List Ebay items, both the books culled earlier and anything else I come across in the house
Go through craft items, cull, and organize remainder into the TARDIS.started, sort of
Clean up living room: sort boxes, floors, dust
Catch up on DZ
Catch up on Grimm and other assorted DVR'd items in progress
Make samples for my bookmaking classes
Start work on owed books for folks
Grocery shopping
Clean up Patio started
Wash bedding
Get car inspected
Get tags

Ortho appointment at 730am on Tues
Need to call Dad. May or may not be going down there this weekend. Depends on money and what the doctor says about my knee.
Catch up with Tannen so she can see Pro in person and shop my craft stash of craftiness. I imagine much organizational hijinks will ensue.
Make a couple of Serious LJ Entries
Set in motion first phase of Sooper Sekrit Projekt

There are probably other things that should be here, but this is a good starting point. We'll see how much I manage over the week.
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Five Happy Things

1) Murphy time
2) A magical conversation
3) Promises
4) Being Productive
5) Taking the higher road


Quickly jotting down what I accomplished today off the massive list

Kitchen: everything but the floors
Caught up on DZ (though I'm up again in one spot. That's ok though.)
Started on the patio
Started on the DVR'd items. Knocked off about ten hours worth of stuff.


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