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Feb. 2nd, 2009 10:44 am
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I have maybe three months left in the house, since Lynson hasn't been paying the mortgage and it'll probably go into foreclosure in the next few months. Don't get me started on that. Major can of worms there.

I do have a place to go if I get stuck, and that is [livejournal.com profile] eclectic_spirt's. It is not an ideal solution, as 1) his house is small, 2) we are unsure how his solitary kitty and my three would get along and 3) he's used to living alone in a very bachelor style. *snugs* I love you, Mark, but I needs me a clothes washer, if not a dryer, at the least! :)

So, now that things are coming down to the wire, I'm putting out the call. If anyone local knows of someone w/ a room or two to spare, someone who won't mind three adorable and for the most part well-behaved kitties, and who doesn't expect a very large amount in rent/utilities, please toss the tip my way. My credit is trashed thanks to the business, and I'll likely be declaring bankruptcy by the end of this month. I can't get a lease, even if I could find a place I could afford.

Preferably, I want a non-smoking place, because my allergies have gotten bad, and I'm showing early signs of the adult-onset asthma that both my mom and grandmother suffered from. But, clean, safe(for me and the cats), and trustworthy are much higher priorities.

I also cook. Pretty damn well if I say so myself, and am perfectly willing to trade groceries and their preparation, as well as house cleaning as part of "rent." Also, will pay for/chip in on high-speed internet. Because I am spoiled beyond reason.

I'm thinking it'll take me 1-2 years to get settled out and squared away so that I can get back on my own. I'd really, really prefer not top be house bouncing during that time, if at all possible. So I'm thinking fairly long-term as far as a place is considered.
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