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...screeching as only a Geeky Gamer Chick&trade can.

Remember awhile back when I posted about needing a copy of Plague and Pestilence? Well, [ profile] ravynfyre snagged me one on Ebay. Now she told me about it, so I knew it was coming.

What I didn't know was that it was the original release from Hillary's Toybox. Still. In. Box. Not sealed, mind you, but it looks almost brand new, still has the dice, and even the old T-shirt mail away coupon!

So now I have both Plague and Pestilence and Pirate's Plunder in their original formats from the original manufacturer. Time for the Happy Gamer Dance!
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I really, really like the Spyro, the Dragon video game franchise. So I did the happy dance when I unwrapped the latest installment Christmas day.

Spyro, a New Beginning is NOT a Spyro game. There are no speedways, no portals, no mini-games. His sidekick Sparks is no longer a playable character, and is also no longer a health indicator. He's just comic relief. And I can't fry helpless little sheep and chickens just for the heck of it anymore!

To make it worse, I beat the game in 8hours 55mins! I usually get a good couple of weeks out of a Spyro game, becaus eof all the mini games and easter eggs hidden in the game. I guess they spent all the budget on getting Elijah Wood, Gary Oldman, and David Spade to do the voice overs, instead of crerating a DECENT GAME!!!! *fumes*

When I ( or my hubby) pay $50 for a BRAND NEW GAME, I expect to get more than a half day out of it!!!
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Ok, West End Games is doing a limited re-release of Junta:  How many copies do I need to order?  Emmy, you're covered; early B-day present:)  The new retail will be $44.00, but I can get it for $35.00.  See below for a description if you're not familiar.  Better yet if you've played the game, post an ancedote for those who haven't:)  Many, many people will be after this  game, so LMK ASAP if you want one.

discription for those not in the know )
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So when they say "don't do the cloisters unless you characters are all LV 99 w/ 9999 HP, you WILL die " they mean it....poopie heads...

Almost done w/ the game...the lowest Lv PC I have is 93, 2/3rds of the dress spheres are maxed out, and I beat the the big desert badass AND the last of the aeons HOURS ago....figured, what the heck...

Hell, the cloisters ARE optional....

I could just skip them....

Nah...I'm off tomorrow....sleep is not a priority....



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Damn, I will be SO glad when things settle down!  Things w/ the new store have moved much, much faster than expected due to a major competitor closing.  We were given 1st option on her space by the leasing company, so instead of waiting for  30-45 day build out at a new location and opening the end of August, we're opening as early Aug 10th.  Which is cool, 'cause  then I don't miss a paycheck, but bad in that the hubby and myself had already agreed to work for PES at Gen-Con again this year; and Mike has already bought mine and Lynson's badges and gotten us the hotel room.  Not a big deal for random.employee not to be there, but a definate big deal for the Store Manager of a fledging company to be MIA.  The owners still want me to go, though, to see what's up w/ the industry.  And I need the vacation. 

The biggest problem is that the main investor is very, very antsy at the moment, and if he was going to be my direct supervisor I might have to agree to go back on the damn meds for my OCD, just to get some sleep.  My OCD usually is very mild, but the more stressed I am the worse it gets and vice versa....SHIT!  I hate taking those meds; they kill me creativity and make me way groggy.

Of course, at least I've fixated on something fun....I'm embroiled in FFX-2 right now.  Of course, I've become fixated on making everyone a master of every dresssphere and I'm not doing anything to further the story (very unlike me).  Are you suppossed to be almost level 60 at the beginning of chapter 3?  And there's family sleeping in the living room so I CAN'T PLAY!!!!!!!!

I need to stop or I'll ramble on all night.  But I have to say thanks again to [ profile] archmage for his great work and maybe BOTH of us can get some sleep tonight.



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