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I would just like to say that despite my slightly depressing ruminations of earlier in the week, this week in and of itself has been a very good week. Socialization (the human contact kind, not the instant message kind) can do wonders for one's mood. I still wonder if I'm not being terribly pushy or needy or imposing, but that's what happens I suppose when you've essentially avoided all but necessary human contact for four years. Perspective gets skewed.

But yes. It's been a good week. And in two weeks I will be at Botcon with other good friends who I see very rarely. The store passed its Secret Shop, and we are off to a decent start to the quarter, which hopefully means a turnaround there, as well.

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I'm sure if you were being "terribly pushy or needy or imposing", those you are spending real human time with would say so. Just a hunch. You strike me as the sort of person who finds friends that are honest, and an honest friend would actually say something. You might even get lucky, and find one who can be diplomatic about it, should it wind up necessary to ask for some space.

Glad to hear things are going much better than before.

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I'm really glad to hear you've happened upon some good things. Sadly I can't share the same, but...such is life.


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*hugs* Saw your post on technological woes. Wish things were better for you, too.


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