Apr. 1st, 2009

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More or less, anyway.

I am moved into [livejournal.com profile] uglygrandmother's house, my storage unit is full to capacity, and my ebay stuff is safely ensconced at [livejournal.com profile] slackeremeritus's house. There is a very small amount of random items left in the house, which I will be getting tomorrow. Things went more or less smoothly, as far as transitioning goes. I'm doing...better than I expected, mentally. I'll be glad when I have the last bits out. Every time I go back over there, it's like getting a punch in the gut. I admit, while I was mostly adjusted and accepting, there was still this stubborn little shred of hope or...something. I don't know. And it annoys me.

I really just want this to be done with. I've reached the point of being angry, I think, well and truly angry over it all. Because it was such a pile of bullshit.

Meh. Not going there at the moment.

The cats have all been moved and integrated into the household. Pepper is still a bit spooky about coming into the front of the house; he only does so when Mike and Trudy are asleep. Goyle thinks he owns the place, and Yin is very "Whatever, dude." He is Buddha, watch him nap.

While Trudy's cats aren't particularly happy with things, there have been no rolling furballs as of yet. Some hissing, chasing, cornering, and growling, but no furballs. Shadow is giving ground, and Hermes is just pissed. Midnight, the unfixed female, is happier than a pig in slop. She now has five boys to swish her tail at, instead of two. Of course, all the boys are fixed, so they can't really help her out much.

She has decided she wants my Yin. Not surprising, as he is the largest of the cats in the house now- stronger genetic material and all that. But Yin really has no clue. He isn't an alpha mentality, so he doesn't want to fight Hermes or Shadow for their spot. Yin hasn't ever known an unfixed female. He doesn't know what to do or why this tiny black cat keeps twisting about and shoving her butt in his face. He literally yawned in her face tonight. It is most amusing.

I have come to the realization that I have a lot of shit. My Master's degree in Space/Time Manipulation is being put to very good use at the moment. While I have not been able to make as swift a progress in unpacking as I would like, it's coming along. My futon will be here in about two more weeks, and by then, all the boxes should be emptied and things will at least be on shelves. Not organized, but on shelves. By end of May, I should be well and truly organized. I'm rather proud of my arranging skills, truth be told. Once the futon's here, I won't have a lot of actual floor space, but I will still have a room that does not feel horrible cramped, or that looks like an explosion has hit it. And if I want to be able to actually use the space, I'll have to keep it that way.

Cooked dinner tonight, and everyone seemed happy. Cleaned up before and after, which made Trudy happy, and then took out the trash, which made Mike happy. I can't possibly express how grateful I am to them both for giving me a place to stay. I just hope I can avoid being too much of a bother. My intention is to cook dinner once a week, at least. I enjoy it, and I know it will take some of the stress off Trudy.

So, yes, I am here, safe and sound in Millington. I'll be starting back up my regular list posts tomorrow, for those who've been missing them.


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