Nov. 13th, 2008

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Yesterday, we learned that one of our regular customers passed away. She had been in the hospital for quite a while now, after having a reaction to her new heart medication. I felt she would not make it out, and it hurts to know my feelings were correct.

Mozelle was a dear little lady, one of the Rolling on the Rubber members, and also one of the ladies who had welcomed me into the papercrafting fold, even though I was "one of those odd gaming people" that Pamela hired to work at Kevin's Attic. She was very vibrant, very alive, and that despite her small stature and age (she was almost 80, if I remember correctly.) She loved to travel, and was always bringing in bits and pieces to show that she'd picked up overseas. I remember thinking- more than once- that I hope I have half her energy and enthusiasm when I reach her age.

She was more than just a regular customer. She was a friend. And I will miss seeing her smile.
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Five things that made me smile today.

1) Fun rp!
2) Remembering a friend
3) Silly day at work
4) Peppermint Chocolate Cherry Milkshake!
5) Kitties!


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