Jul. 19th, 2006

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I've finally gotten the all the books unpacked. At least, all the books that were packed properly, that is. I'm sure we'll be opening boxes all the time that have various tomes just tossed in them. While everything is at least on the bookshelves now, things are no where near organized the way I'd like them.

The problem with those pre-fab units is the have only x number of shelves, and at least one of those shelves is fixed. So a while back we had some MDF cut down to the right sizes for our units, so we could add in extra shelves; this let us maximize space, esp since we have a lot of smaller size books.

So the final count is:

1 Unit of Manga
1 Unit of RPG's
1 Unit that is half RPG/Minis and half Comic trade paperbacks
2 Units assorted paperbacks, art books, classics, non-fiction, etc, etc
1 Unit of Cookbooks

Even with double stacking the Manga and other small paperbacks, we still had to buy an extra unit for the cookbooks; thankfully Target had a 5-shelf unit on sale for under $30 this weekend. It doesn't match, but hey, no biggie for now. The sad part is, I have a feeling we need at least one more, because I'm positive that we had some books in storage as well.

I've decided that I'm just going to use clear push pins to hang my figures on the wall. I just don't want to open them until I can get a display case; the idea of dusting all those figs several times a week does NOT appeal to me. There's also the cat factor to consider. So it may not be an overly attractive way to display them, but it'll do for now. I will be putting out some of the statues though, once I get the living room set; they're heavy enough not to get knocked over and I can swifer dust them.

Next on the list: move the comics storage boxes from their current home in the living room to one of the extra bedrooms upstairs, sort out the comics that are Ebay-bound, bag, board and store the "read" backlog, and sort through the "I need to read/catch up on" pile.

Yeah, that's gonna be a lot of fun. The trick is to avoid reading as I sort.


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