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So, yeah, I know I missed checking in last week. It was a bit of a crazy week. But last week I weighed in at 235.2, which was another slight gain. Again, I'm not worried about those because I'll just lose it again in a week or so. After all, I really doubt it's hard weight gain; just water.

This week, as expected, I've dropped most of it, and am back down to 233.6. Not quite where I was two weeks ago, but I'm within a few tenths of a pound. I'll be back much closer to my normal routine this week, so I'm expecting another drop when I weigh in next weekend. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for at least a two pound loss, because that will put me at fifteen pounds lost. Which means I can get a mani and pedi and be pampered. :) I've only ever had a manicure once in my life, and never had a pedicure, so I'm really looking forward to this reward.

I also have my exporting issue fixed, so you get treated to the minutia of my food intake again. You'll notice that Friday is incomplete, and that there is no food or exercise actually tracked for Saturday and Sunday. This is because I was out in the woods at Daughters of the Moon, and the last thing I was going to worry about in the middle of a spiritual retreat was trying to write down what I ate.

It was also sort of an experimental week for me. I know that realistically, I am not going to be tracking my food for the rest of my life, or will be able to exercise almost every day, and I have a few road trips coming up. I needed to see how I could handle flying by the seat of my pants, so to speak. It wasn't too bad. The biggest issue is that when I don't plan it out, I am much more likely to revert to processed foods. Calorie-wise, I don't do much worse. But nutrition-wise- yeah, kinda fail there. So I need to work on that.

I'm toying with the idea of banning processed foods from my diet for a week, just to see how it goes. It will require a lot of planning, and I'd have decide what constitutes "processed" for me; the bottled orange juice I prefer, for example, could be considered processed by some, but since it has no added sugar and is just orange juice, I'd still drink it. Stuff like that.

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Quick post, because it has been a long day, and I am very tired. Just wanted to make sure I got this posted today/

Perhaps (crosses fingers) the log jam has broken. I lost 3.8 pounds this week. That makes two back weeks of almost four pound loss. If I can get myself into the groove of losing every week, even if it's just a pound, I'll feel much better all around. It's always hard to get started. But I've been at this for over two months now. Which, incidentally, is the longest I've ever actually stayed with a lifestyle change program, diet, what have you. The exception to that would be when I took aerobics and weight training in college, but that wasn't actually for weight loss purposes.

So, new weight is 233.6, total loss of 13.2 pounds since Jan 1. I think that's decent progress, not too fast. If I keep on this trend, I might break fifteen pounds lost next week, but I'm not gonna freak if I don't.

My ten pound loss "prize" was the Shadowblade Megatron Leader class figure from Animated. I've been lusting after the toy for ages, but just couldn't see spending forty bucks on it. So I made him a prize. Technically, I've had him for a week; I traded [ profile] ravynfyre several boxes of Girl Scout cookies for him (she doesn't have a Scout to buy from where she is, and I could no longer find him down here). But, I could not open him 'til I lost the ten pounds.

I am opening him after I post this. >_>

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It has been horribly, horribly cold down here, and for the past two days, I've pretty much been trapped in the house. We got caught up in the nasty winter storm that slid across the Midsouth the last half of the week, but we were just south enough to get more sleet and freezing rain than snow. Admittedly the four to six inches of pretty solid ice covered in powder likely wouldn't phase some of you reading this, but Memphis (and Memphians) has no idea how to react to that kind of weather. There are not enough plows and sand trucks, and instead of pre-salting the major roads when ice is an almost certainty, they wait until the weather actually hits and people have trouble driving. People zip along the icy roads (those with heavy enough vehicles, anyway), not thinking that they need to allot extra distance for turns and stops than normal. I don't live in Memphis proper; I live in a small military town north of Memphis, which means only the two or three main roads get plowed out. So, since my work closed down Friday and Saturday, I decided there was nothing I needed outside of the house that couldn't wait 'til today.

I have been wonderfully unproductive these past days, spending my time huddled under a blanket and goofing off on Facebook games or chatting. I did go out yesterday and spend about twenty minutes chipping my car out of the ice, and I did make myself exercise.

This week, I've had a 3.6lb loss, putting my new weight at 239.2lbs Now, before anyone jumps me for it being too much, let me remind that I had less than 1lb losses the past two weeks. I have not starved myself, as you'll see from the food list under the cut. In fact, I went over calories a few days, and the past couple I have indulged in some comfort foods, including homemade brownies. Which, I must add, I am currently enjoying with a glass of milk for breakfast; they are most delicious. There are a variety of factors which likely contribute to such a large loss, including the following: I changed up my exercise routine, paid more attention to my water consumption, and am back to more normal bowel function. Sorry if that last is TMI, but it means my body has adjusted to my increased fiber intake and is processing food properly again.

In regard to exercise, you'll see that instead of biking some days, I've got "Dancing-general" listed. My thighs really were starting to bother me and needed a break, but I didn't want to skip a workout day. My workouts aren't quite true habit yet, and skipping one day would let me justify skipping another, and another. So Tues, I snagged a couple of 2lb hand weights at the Mart of Walls, came home, and cranked up Lady Gaga's The Fame. I danced around for pretty much the whole CD, alternating between higher aerobic dance and upper body weight work. I pick a different CD each time, and I really enjoy the workout. Just holding the weights while I dance helps give me a core workout, I've found, and that in addition to the moves I use to work upper arms, chest, and back. I'm pretty sure I'm actually burning more calories than I'm speccing because of using the weights, but that's all right. I'd rather underestimate than overestimate. I also like having this option because I really don't like to do my bike when people are home, because it's in the common area. I dislike being talked to when trying to work out.

Some random things that I haven't mentioned before, but some of you might be interested in:

*The reason you will see very little drinks listed in the meal rundown is that I drink almost exclusively water. I aim for 32oz a day, and often get closer to 48oz a day. I indulge in coffee when it's bitter cold (like recently) or sweet tea when I eat out. Every once in awhile, I'll have a root beer or fountain soda, like a limeade, but honestly, most of those drinks are simply too sweet for me now. I adore hot teas, but haven't been indulging that fetish lately. Not sure why, exactly- just haven't been in a tea mood, I guess.

*I use a OMRON full body sensor scale when I weigh in. I love it, for it appeals to my geekiness. Snagged it a while back from when they had it on deal.

*I weigh in the buff, before eating.

*I know that just looking at my diet, it is high in cholesterol. However, high cholesterol has never been an issue for me, nor is it a family issue. While my total cholesterol levels usually sit between the 190 and 200 mark, my HDL is usually higher than my LDL by a large margin. I'm more worried about my blood sugars and my blood pressure than my cholesterol, due to family history.

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Only a .8lb loss this week, but I'll take it, especially considering that a) it was period week b) I went way over calories one day/ made some higher fat food choices this week, and c) had a wedding and reception to attend with no real way of tracking the food. A couple of good NSV's (non-scale victories) this week definitely help with that positive outlook.

1) I can increase both my time and pace on the bike without feeling like I'm gonna faint and fall out. I'm rotating between 30-45 minutes right now, and averaging between 13-14 MPH for at least half that time according to the speedometer

2) I was able to wear a skirt to the wedding that I haven't worn in at least four years, possibly longer. And I looked damn good in it! As a side note to that, I wore my heels for nine hours and only started hurting that last hour. I'll chalk that up to increased leg strength, baby! Though gods, I never realized how much wearing them works my muscles in different ways!

Just a note: I'm adjusting my 101 in 1001 goals regarding exercise. Right now, I'm just specced to do my bike every day for X time frame. I really need to rotate in some upper body workouts and give my leg muscles a break periodically. So I'll be changing that to simply exercising each day. But not until I find either a good workout video or upper body workout that I can do without dying.

Observation: My diet is too high in fats. I know this. I really need to work some fresh veg into it. But I'm doing really good right now just to afford my once a day banana. I am for the most part at the mercy of whatever [ profile] uglygrandmother has in the kitchen/fixes for dinner, which is not always the healthiest option. I would rather eat what's available and make it work than not eat and send my body into starvation mode. I also know if I change my diet too radically too quickly, my body will shut down. Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt, don't really wanna do it again.

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First week back tracking my food through Livestrong and getting back to doing regular exercising. I have my caloric intake set for a 2lb per week loss, not taking into account my exercise. This means that when i burn say 400 calories on the bike, I get to eat those extra 400 calories and still have net calories that fall within my calorie goals.

This method is working out well. It keeps me from being hungry- well for the most part. I have got to figure out ways better work lunches. I'm starving by the time I get home in the evenings. I'm not making the best food choices, but right now, I'm trying to re-learn portion size and control, not totally rehab my eating. I'll be making changes gradually as I progress.

Starting weight was 246.8. I lost 2.8 pounds this week, and I call that staying on target.

Below is the food, exercise, and calories I tracked this past week. Livestrong actually breaks down all the nutritional info, too (fats, sugars, carbs, etc), but I don't have teh space to put the whole file here.

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[ profile] beckyh2112 asked me "What does detoxing entail?" Her question plus a few other comments and questions have prompted me to make this entry to explain that, what my detox will entail, and the purposes behind my going through the process.

A detox can mean a variety of things to different people, and often has negative connotations in a person's mind, since it does often involve radical changes, deprivation, and other unpleasantness. It can be taken to an extreme, like any eating or behavior, and if one does this, it can be harmful. Detoxing can cover everything from switching to a vegan or raw diet for a period of time, smoothie or juice fasts, or even water fasts. It can also simply involve removing an addictive substance from one's diet, such as caffeine, sugar, nicotine, alcohol, etc.

As for why I'm doing this- I'm not embarking on this journey for the purpose of a quick flush and fix. I'm looking to make some long term changes, not just in my eating habits, but in my life. It's not just about flushing the congestion out of my body; it's about clearing the congestion around me as well. That includes physical congestion such as clutter, as well as mental, spiritual and emotional congestion. This is not going to be something that happens overnight; I'll be making baby steps. One positive change at a time.

For me, this is a Life Detox.

Some of what I will be doing as far as my body detox is concerned is as follows:

- making sure to drink plenty of water, at least 6-8 glasses/portions per day
- shifting away from refined sugars, not just in cooking but in prepared foods
- decreasing and eventually hopefully eliminating my consumption of prepared/processed foods
- increasing my intake of veggies, fruits, lentils, and non-wheat grains
- decreasing my sodium intake
- decreasing my intake of OTC medicines.
- beginning an exercise regime, centering around core strength and flexibility.

Other items on my Life detox list:

- decreasing clutter, and hopefully my dependence on Stuff
- establishing a cleaning routine that is easy to upkeep, versus having to spend one whole day cleaning a week.
- setting aside a period of time each week to make art
- getting finances back in order
- switching away from chemical household cleaners and utilizing more natural cleansers. This will be difficult, since I always associate the smell of Clorox with Clean, since that's what we used when I was a kid.
- establishing a sleeping routine
- reading every day
- reconnecting with friends
- reconnecting with family

That's the overview. Those lists aren't all inclusive, of course, but that should give y'all an idea of what I'm aiming for with the process. I'm hoping to start the first of September with the food/body detox. I'm already starting on some of the other aspects.

Questions? Comments? Smart remarks?
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First, the food porn!

Last night was our coven's Lughnasadh feast/rite. Since this festival is centered around the harvest, we went with a veggie and grain theme for our feast, centered around a Vegetable Curry. Which meant that I, as the resident Curry Goddess, got to make the main course.

I tried out a new yellow curry recipe, and it was wonderful! Easy to prep, and only about 10-15 minutes of cook time. The heat in the sauce can be very easily controlled, and the sauce is actually very refreshing to the palate. What's more, you can use any vegetables you'd like, really. So, for the interested, I'm linking the recipe.

Thai Yellow Vegetable Curry

I highly, highly suggest that if you want to use eggplant, you don't use American eggplant. Search out Chinese or Japanese eggplants instead. They're denser, crisper, and hold their shape. American eggplant tends to be too watery for these types of dishes. Plus, the Asian variety's skins aren't as bitter or chewy as "regular" eggplant. Also, this is not a thick, cooked down curry sauce like many Indian curries; it is a thinner curry and you will want plenty of rice to soak up the yummy goodness. I personally prefer Thai curries over Indian if going veggie.

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