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Luna, [ profile] beckyh2112, and [ profile] ravynfyre, provided I can get a reservation, I will be having a ridiculously expensive dinner at Craft while in Dallas. I will get gussied up all fancy and take a cab, because even though it's under two miles away, I'm not walking in heels.

I have wanted to eat in one of Tom Colicchio's places for years, and I'm not going to pass up the chance to eat there when I'm that close. All I need to know now is, do I make the reservation for one, two, three, or four? >_> If neither of you are interested in going with, I understand; it's pricy and fussy and all. But gods, look at that dinner menu. So much food porn! And if someone comes with me, we could even split the decadent Bone-in Ribeye, Bone Marrow & Bordelaise for two!.

Yes, I am silly, silly person. But, but.... so much food!
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I am going to be doing a culling on my f-list and communities over the next few days. If I take you or your community off my list, please don't take it personally. It's just that of the many, many people and communities I have on here, I only really read about a dozen. I skim everything else. I just don't have time to sit here and read all the stuff on my feed everyday.
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Hey [ profile] wood_artist.

Thank you. I'm not going into it right now, but I seriously needed that this morning.

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Heya, [ profile] moonstone_fae. If your hubby is still up for helping me paint that room on Saturday, I can meet him at Trudy's around 3pm. That gives me time to get cleaned up from the yard sale, get out there, and sand down the places where I patched the sheetrock on Tues before he paints.

I have a can of Kilnz. I was going to go pickup a room color tomorrow- unless he's already found one through his sources. :)

I work till 8:30 today, but if he wants to give me a call around 9 to talk details, that's works as well.

Thanks so much to you both.
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[ profile] slackeremeritus: In case I can't catch you otherwise, I'm not coming out today. I sanity won't let me chance getting caught driving in frezing rain.
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[ profile] tannenwynn or [ profile] marius_98, please let Daniel know that he left his book here Saturday night. I will bring it to meeting on Tuesday.
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[ profile] uglygrandmother, [ profile] the_other_jen, don't forget to do your reading!
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Hey, [ profile] the_other_jen! If you see this before tomorrow afternoon, Ravyn and I will be hitting the ethnic market around 5ish tomorrow (Friday, 26th), if you want to meet us there!
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Hey [ profile] archmage the My Little Cthulhu's have been solicited! Do you still want one?

Hehe, he comes with two snacks... er minions, and you can actually buy a pack that has cultists and victims. The Cthulhu I can do for $20, and the 'Lil victims for $8.
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Hey [ profile] eclectic_spirit, I think you will find
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Hey [ profile] archmage! Would you rec This movie?. For that matter, do you rec any of Lions Gate's HP Lovecraft films?

I figured that since you regularly attend the HPL festival, you'd maybe have some words of wisdom to share.

I did order The Dream-Quest of Unkown Kadath, but it hasn't arrived yet.
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To everyone who's been trying to catch me in the past month or so:

I do still exist outside of cyberspace.  Hard to believe, I know, but true.  We have entered THE busiest season for the gaming industry and between my little piddling job, getting CCG Innovations (Lynson's Tournament Organization and CCG Singles business) up and running, getting Designs By Me (my handmade card company) up and running, the various events and conventions we've committed ourselves to for the summer, and just plain Life In General, I feel like the proverbial headless chicken. 

Ok, we're in New York from Wed-Mon working for Upper Deck.  But when we get back there are many things to do:

[profile]   [profile] archmage and[profile] [profile] syrinakintari  :when I get back, I will get Gametable up and running and we can coordinate a time to try this long distance thing out.  Also, Emmy, lets try to plan a lunch date; what days are good for you?  Frank, I scammed an extra Ghost Rider T-shirt from the Marvel Knights Vs CCG  Sneak Preview, but the only size they had was Large ( seem to remember you being an XL guy).  But it's a "gamer large" so it might fit, as I can actually wear the large.  Was planning on sending it your way if you'd like, as you're the only person I know who's as big a GR fan as me:).

[profile] eclectic_spirit   I have a Dr appointment Thurs, June 2nd down your way.  Could I get Phantom back from you then?  I will also bring your  B-day present as I'm not sure I can get back down there before you fly away to LA.

[profile] citizen_pogo   what day is good for you on getting together an looking at the invitation mock-ups? also, did you decide on # of guests? (I haven't been avoiding you guys, I've just been swamped).

[profile] draconisferret   remember M:TG regionals Sat June 25th.  We will need you all day from roughly 9am to 6pm (will get specifics later).  We going to  pay  you $100.00 for the day in case Lynson forgot to tell you that, which should make up missing 3 hrs at TP:)

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