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Taxes are done. Don't owe thankfully. Getting an ok refund, not a large as last year because we made money w/ the business again.

In doesn't feel or look like we made money to me.


Now I have chores to do. Wheeeeeeeee.

Starting next week, I will be working Fri dayshift at the store, as well, so to those of you used to catching me on that day...sorry.

The cell phones are back on BTW.

And now begins the countdown to MSC. Gotta get things inventoried, priced and ready to roll.

I will be so so glad when we finally get caught up on money stuff. Mainly because then we can start splitting thing up.
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I just realized that Hershey bars now come with opening instructions printed on the wrapper.

If you're not smart enough to figure out how to open it on your own, then you don't deserve the goodess of a chocolate/almond bar. But that's just my opinion:).

I have figured out two thing since returning to PT retail:

1) I greatly miss being able to hop on the net at any time. I think I'm addicted.

2) I have to recondition my feet & legs to standing for 6-8 hours per.

All and all it hasn't been too bad going back to E. Since I am just a peon now, and therefore have no "real" responsibility, I can sit back and enjoy the job. And I do enjoy it. I get to work with artsy crafty stuffs all day. It's overall an easy job, and they are totally understanding about my needing most weekends off. I just have to avoid buying all the new papers as they come in. That, and make sure I bring my lunch so I'm not paying for overpriced fast food.

I think the coolest part has been all the regular customers who were so happy to see me back. I've gotten so many hugs and such the past few days! Either they really liked me, or in the year I've been gone things have been bad. Or a combo of the two.

The extra money will be nice going into the holidays, esp since they're putting Lynson on salary- but just through the winter, supposedly. At least we got them to agree to the figure we wanted, so that's good. We'll still miss those summer overtime checks, though!

Speaking of Lynson, he gets to stay up all night tonight. In a attempt to discover why he's been having violent muscle spasms over the past few years, he's been going through several tests. The one tomorrow is (another) EKG, this time sleep-deprived. Fun, fun, fun. So far all the tests have told us is that a) he doesn't have a brain tumor, and b) that (the spasms) aren't normal.

I'm slowly moving back into the Muses art community. I've entered a Halloween ATC swap that'd due on the 21st. So I have to find my stuff! At least I have the basic idea; [ profile] sandykidd has given me permission to use one of her writings in the piece (thanks again!). I just have to decide if I want to go trendy/cute or artsy/vintage with it.

I'm tired and I'm babbling. I think it's time to say "'night y'all"
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So I went grocery shopping today.

I usually go on either Sunday or Monday. The places I shop really aren’t that bad even on Sundays. Admittedly, I usually make a point of doing my shopping earlier in the day, to avoid the crowds. The nice thundershower we had earlier delayed me a bit, so I hit the crush. Still, it wasn’t too bad.

“Grocery” shopping takes up most of my day, because I usually go to 4-6 places. First I hit the Pakmail, to get last week’s business mail. Then Petsmart, if I need cat/dog food or litter (which I did). Next, Wal-Mart, then I make a quick pit stop at home, to off-load the perishables. Next it’s off to Wild Oats and Fresh Market, then Schnucks for the last few things on the list. Thankfully, I had no special stops this week.

So anyway, I’m at Wal-Mart, and I’m noticing the large number of people with two or more carts piled high. I’m also noticing that very little of the contents actually have nutritional value.

It got me thinking )
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I would love to find out what has FUBAR'ed my immune system.

When I was kid, I had major sinus/breathing issues, the main cause of which was my living in a smoke-filled house. About a year after my parent's divorce, and getting out of said house, I stopped having more than the "normal" sinus problems. Since moving to Memphis alomst 10 years, I've hardly had any major infections.

Until the this year.

I have had 4 major infections since Jan, and am currently on 2 rather expensive medicines daily to TRY and keep my suddenly hyper-sensitive sinuses in check. Now, when I say a major infection, I mean it can take anywhere from 1-2 months for me to recover; so basically I've spent most of the past year sick in one way or another.

And now I have some sort of lymph node/sinus crap that has apparently been making the rounds in Memphis. It's a bit like having strep, without the fever and chills. My white count was through the roof. The nodes under my chin are swollen and sore, and my sinues ache. And I have lovely pus pockets on my tonsils. But no drainage, no coughing, no symptom at all that is part of the normal sinus infection MO.

On the plus, I was amazed at being able to get in and out of my doctor's office in under 3 hours, despite not having an appt. Not so good- my usually easy-to-bleed body wouldn't give it up. Three different sticks and no blood; there was barely any leakage when the needle was pulled out. She hit the vein OK, but I wouldn't bleed. So she did a finger-stick for the white count and I prayed that Oakley wouldn't decide he needed other tests. The sad part? My FINGER didn't even want to bleed.

To top things off I have a massive fever blister that popped up Monday; I haven't had an outbreak in over a year, and BOOM! I look like I poured hot grease on my chin. Very attractive.

I feel like poo. I think I'll go lie down now.
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Okay, had my day off yesterday (sort of, anyway) and am now back to the grind. I'm uber-stressed right now. Too much to do, too many people, too many directions...

But I did at least get my HP fic finished and submited to RS before the challenge deadline. I'm gonna be a nervous wreck until it's posted, I think. I'm not gonna post it here, for a few reasons: it's a bit long, only 3-4 people on my f-list would be interested, and one of the challenge judges is on my f-list. I'd be happy to e-mail it to interested parties, however.

I'm glad I actually wrote something of substance for once. Of course, I've been picking it apart since I hit the send button yesterday afternoon, but that's me.

So Lynson parents look to have sold their house; they close in about 2 weeks. Bye-bye jacuzzi tub, my back will miss you! I want to put a 'cuzzi in our house, but no matter which bathroom we put it in, we'd have to do some pretty major demo to make it fit. Not in the budget right now, sadly.

The cats and dog have been super-needy this week. I can't take a step with out one of the 5 being underfoot. I don't know what's triggered it, but I wish they'd give be a bit of space.

Back to keeping cokes in the house for Lynson. Not happy about it. Too damn expensive and the caffine is not good for either of us.

My turn to do Full Moon next week. I have no idea what I'm gonna do for rit, but at least I have a few days to figure it out. OMG and book study is becoming such a pain! I'm really not liking the book we picked this time around. It's just...awful!

And if another idiot from Italy wins our auctions I am going to scream! What part of WE ONLY SHIP TO THE COUNTRIES LISTED do you not understand? Does it say Italy on that list? NO!

Blegh, time to get back to it, I suppose..
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So [ profile] wolfboi, I have your b-day prezzie, and I must say it is the hawtness. Wanna come over this weekend and snag it? Maybe have dinner Sat night? I'm cooking fajitas...

Anyway, long, long trip. Good trip, but long. The highlights:

Good friends I don't see but a few times a year
Exquisite Indian food
Picked up the 2005 Christmas Sophie mini from Reaper to keep the collection up.
Got the aforementioned autographs.
Spent waaaay too much on some top quality sushi...sea urchin and quail eggs, OMFG!
Good comp from UDE this time around.
Demoed WoW....this TCG is so going to own the holiday season.
Acquired an exclusive YGO Sheep token for [ profile] hisui_shinigami
Got the uber-cool vinyl Dreamblades mat that was ONLY available at GenCon (at least for the next 6 months)
Had the hotel room to myself two nights because my roomie was "otherwise occupied"
Didn't make any kids cry.
Did harrass the hell out of VS players

Oh yeah....

Hand to goddess, I didn't know they would be selling it. *ducks because at least three people are going to throw things at me now*

Usually the giant LE's are given out as drawing prizes, not sold. It was 85 freaking dollars, and I debated on it till Sun right before teardown.

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So long time, no posty- Well, no posty of significance anyway. I've been super busy since getting back from San Fancisco; I've been keeping up/catching up on my friends page and the various forums I read, but that's about it.

What it amounts to is that I feel like I'm totally wasting time when I'm at the computer right now. I have a tremendous amount of work to do: put things away, finish moving shit from storage, get all the crap Pamela left in the back yard cleaned up, upload ebay...desperately need to get some ebay going again, oh, and all the daily crap that goes with keeping house. I'm making myself take breaks, because if I don't, I'll just get frustrated and overwhelmed, and NOTHING will get done.

hehe, I've even designated Thursdays as my official "day off." I don't even have to cook that day, 'cause Lynson's taking a class for work during the evenings.

Speaking of cooking, I've been doing a lot of that! It's so nice to be able to buy fresh foods, to cook real meals from scratch that don't involve a box or a microwave. I really prefer to buy organic whenever possible, and I love to cook with fresh seafood, quality meats and the like. However, the in-laws had very conservative pallets. No spicy, no asian, no garlic, no mushrooms, nothing "weird". So far I've cooked bacon-wrapped scallops with grilled asparagus and stuffed portabellas, some absoulutely fabulous steaks with roasted corn on the cob, and grilled salmon fillets with skillet corn and wild rice. YUM! [ profile] draconisferret says she is going to get spoiled by the food.

Since Tuesdays and Thursdays are automatically "no cooking days", Tues because of coven and Thurs because of LR3's class, the food budget hasn't been too broken. I planned on high "food" costs for the first couple of months, because we'd be buying staples that you don't replace often. And stuff like cleaning supplies, a toaster- because we apparently didn't have one in storage-, that kind of stuff. All and all cooking from scratch is much cheaper than buying processed foods or eating out. Take the steaks from last week. Aged New York Strip, each about one and a half inches thick. Total for the three steaks? $30. You'd pay at least $30 for ONE steak like that eating out. Not that we're going to eat steaks every week; but once every couple of month's not too much of a splurge.

I also bought a lot of fresh produce, salad fixings and the like. I've made it a point to eat a nice big salad for lunch each day (well almost each day). I'm also making myself eat breakfast. Too often I would just skip both meals, because I wasn't hungry. I simply didn't want to eat. I think that's what's sent my system into such a tailspin; my body thinks I'm starving. So I'm making myself eat healthy meals a regular times, even if I don't want anything. I've never been a big snacker, but I make sure there's fruits and the like instead of junk food. And I've cut down my coke intake. No more than 3 can a day if that, instead it's white cranberry juice, water, milk, or lemonade!

I should point out that I'm not forcing my body to eat when it's not hungry; I'm hungry. I just don't want to eat. Totally different thing.

[ profile] draconisferret seems to be settling in OK. Her allergies have been acting up really badly the past few days. I don't think it's the cats so much as it is the dust and the change in enviroment. As screwy as it sounds, she's lived in a smoker's household for years. Now she's in a smoke-free zone. Her body's not used to clean air, I think;).

Her Yorkie, Alex, is settling OK, too. For the most part the cats are tolerating him. Yin ignores him, Harley spends her days hiding under our bed (though she's getting better), Goyle will almost cuddle with him, and Pepper...well, let's jsut say that the two of them are waaaay to much alike. They aren't getting along well, mainly because they are both pushy and want all of your attention NOW. They're jealous of each other. There's been a few growls, some snaps and slaps, but no blood. I think they'll settle down after a couple more weeks.

We had a major problem with Alex eating the cats food initially. My babies are on a very specific diet and feeding schedule, mainly motivated by Yin's illness a few month's back, so getting all five of them to understand the feeding boundaries is important. So we've put Alex on the same schedule, and I invested in some higher quality food for the little bugger. It's working, at least for the evening wet food feeding. Now he eats his food, and leaves their food alone for the most part. The problem with the dry food, is that it's very similar to what I feed my cats, so keeping them out of HIS bowl is the trick. I expect there to be some back in forth; you just can't avoid it when you have dry food out during the day. I just want to make sure that they all five get the nutrition they need.

Well this is getting long, and I have to go finish making deviled eggs for meeting tonight.

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mmmm, goat cheese and sesame crakers. yummy lunch 4 me!

taking a break from the room demo. My shoulder seems to have loosened back up quite a bit; I'm thinking it was not a pulled muscle after all, just a excessive strain.

got the all baseboards pulled off now, and it looks like we have minimal patching to do on the sheetrock. The trim is shot, though. Some of it just splintered as I pulled it off. Sad, 'cause it was real hardwood trim (pine, looks like), not pieced together stuffs.

Next thing is to finish getting the tack strips out of the closet, then grind down a place on the floor where someone made a VERY bad patch. If I'm lucky, I can get that done AND get the popcorn scraped off the ceiling before [ profile] eclectic_spirit gets here for our dinner date. We have to replace a sheetrock panel in the ceiling from where the A/C unit froze up and leaked two years ago.

Yes, we knew about that. It was on the inspection report. all is good and within plan/budget so far.
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Well, apparently I pulled a muscle in my shoulder yesterday while prying up the tack strips and nails. Consequently, I've been at (old) home packing things at a rather slow pace, as opposed to working in the (new) office. Meh, it'll get done eventually; I needed to pack the last of things anyway.

So we're going to leave the cats at the (old) house with the in-laws until we get back from San Francisco on June 6th. We decided that they will be freaked out enough by the move as it it. Moving them now, then leaving them for a week- we'd just be begging for a bad behavior and a regression of socializtaion. Add to that the fact that [ profile] draconisferret would be moving in while we were gone... Well, letting them stay with "Gam-maw and Grandpa" will be better.

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Meh, it's been a hell of a week/end. Not gonna post too long, too busy, too tired.

M:TG Regionals was not so good for us. Nothing like losing 2K in one day because WOTC's scheduling SUCKS! Ah well, the event ran well, at least. But then, we ALWAYS put on a good event. That's about all I can say or the WOTC legal monkey's will come down on my head.

House is coming along, and we should be sleeping there by the weekend. Yeah!!

Bought a Dyson Animal&trade, a vac I've had my eye on for awhile now. With 4 cats, ya need a good vaccum. Also picked up my new office chair (finally!!) and desk. Now that I have a chair w/ good back support and a desk that's the proper height, spending 8-10 hours a day doing the ebay thing will (hopefully) not end in a Flexeril/Lortab combo quite as often.

We pulled up the carpet in the downstairs "bedroom" because that will be the official "home office" for the business. I have a tendancy to organize things so that I can just roll my chair from place to place, which means carpet=bad. Gonna go with painted concrete for now. Later, we'll probably go for hardwood. I have a great idea for a really mod, geometric theme, in blacks and grays, a deep red accent...

Anyways, so we pull up the carpet and we can smell a little mildew. Eh, not suprising. A few years back Pamela had trouble w/ the front porch flooding. Pull back the pad and Voila! The concrete is COVERED in dry mold, what looks like the nasty, Black Mold of Death&trade . You would never have guessed this from the carpet condition, and until we peeled back the carpet, we couldn't smell anything.

Oh, and it's almost 10pm when we find this crap.

So we used the "Super-Vac" to get up the "dust", while holding cloths over our face of course; we were afraid to leave it overnight for fear too much would get sucked up into the vents, get moist, and spore again. [ profile] draconisferret poured bleach on the floor and we let it set overnight.

So I spent today wearing one of those hot, uncomfortable masks, re-bleaching the floor (KILL IT KILL IT KILL IT!!!!), and prying up carpet strips that were practically rotten. Sooooooo much fun.

The plus is that neither the sheetrock nor the insulation around the vents appears to have mold in it. We're probably gonna take down a small sheetrock panel under the windows (where the water came in) and give it a better check. Of course, we also have to patch the concrete, because pulling up the carpet nails left some bad holes.

And tomorrow, I get to go scrape popcorn off the ceiling! Joy!

I know, I know...welcome to the joys of homeownership. I'm still happy, really I am. Just tired.

Now I think I'll do what the Good Doctor said and go to my room. 'night y'all.
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So, right before leaving to go home to Dothan last week, I poked my head out of the sand and jumped on this little meme bandwagon, in [ profile] iflie’s, [ profile] metafrantic’s, and [ profile] sandykidd’s journals.

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions of a very intimate and creepily personal nature. Or not so creepy/personal.
3. You may update your LJ with the answers to the questions (or comment to this post).
4. You may include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Since all three of the above mentioned people have never met me in RL, I think it rather fitting to answer their questions now, when I am doped on various allergy medications and more inclined to be less inhibited in my answers. Though the typos may run rampant. Thank the Gods for spellcheck!

To the Q&A )


Mar. 8th, 2006 02:32 pm
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There's not much to report on Yin except that he seems to be responding well to treatment and is off the IV He is still at the vets office, because he is refusing to eat on his own and they are having to forcefeed him. At least he's not giving them trouble with that, oherwise they'd have to insert a feeding tube and really stress him out.

I'm hoping he will be able to come home before I go out of town, but that's still up in the air.

Thanks for all the postive vibes

On another front, I just bit the bullet and bought Paint Shop Pro X. I've been playing with the trial for a bit now, and while I'm still a diehard Photoshop/Illustrator fan, it seems to be a fairly good program for the price. I needed a graphics program on the PC badly. Road Runner doesn't play well w/ Mac's and I was tired of having to go swap files back and forth on my flashdrive if I wanted to upload some artwork. Several of the "Pros" I know in the gaming industry use Paint Shop, so I figured, why not? Plus I got in on a special deal where I get their animation software as a freebie.

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So, now that I seem to be over the Evil Plague of Doom, I feel the need to re-establish contact with the outside world. I think instead of one Massive Data Dump, I will try to make a series of smaller updates. Though I still expect to ramble a bit; it is ME after all.

And right now I WANT to ramble. I’m in a rather good mood. Happy, cheerful….dare I say almost bubbly (I said almost, Emmy! Put the whips away!). It seems that after enduring some of the most damnably difficult months ever, that the world is looking up. Even better, my personal outlook is perking up; perhaps I’m finally getting over the stress and depression that were constants in my life for the past 2 years.

What’s causing the mood upswing? A variety of things I’m sure:

I’m working for myself, doing something I enjoy and said business venture is doing well enough that we should be turning a nice profit by the end of the year.

I’ve actually been doing ARTWORK, real artwork, for the first time in years

I’m slowly re-establishing contact with my very patient local friends who I’ve been neglecting during the aforementioned time of depression.

I have an adorable nephew who recently turned 1.

My father actually admitted, for the first time in 30 years, that he is proud of me. Aside~ I never truly realized how much I needed to hear that from him.

A person I really regretted not keeping in touch with, who was one of the first to befriend me after I moved to Memphis, has moved back to town, and (hopefully) I’ll see him soon.

I fly out next Friday to spend a week in Las Vegas (work related, but still…)

I have a husband I love and who loves me! Squee!

I am taking today off from “work” to play; something I haven’t really done in way too long.

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...I have been assimilated.

I. Have. A. Cell Phone.

Some of the my friends may recall that I have always had an aversion to cell phones. I have even had an RPG character that had this bad habit of doing the dance of death upon any cell phone that crossed her path. NO ONE needs to be able to find me 24/7, except maybe my husband, and I'm not so sure about he counts. Those damnable devices are largely responsible for the sharp decline in the good manners, intelligent conversation, and general sanity of the majority of people. They are evil! Evil pure and simple!

So WHY, pray, have I relented? What could have caused me, the great naysayer herself, to not only agree to carry a cell phone, but participate in its selection and purchase?

My husband. My darling, dear, husband. That's what. And two business that are doing well.

See, the plumbing company he manages has grown by leaps and bounds in the past 6 months. Likewise, our tournament organization/online single's sales business has also grown. Up till now, Lynson has been taking all the business calls on his cell, which was fine while he was working in the office. But since they're so busy w/ the plumbing company now, he's working in the field almost every day. Soooooo, I needed to get a phone, so I can take all the CCG Innovations calls, and he can just handle the plumbing company. 'Cause we were NOT putting our home number on the website.

So we went to Best Buy Friday night and got me a Samsung A900 (I rolled when I saw[ profile] archmage had gotten the same one;). I admit to knowing jack about phones; Lynson picked it out. I gave him two criteria: it had to be small enough to fit in my back jeans pocket (I never carry a purse) and durable. He gave me the choice between the Razor or the A900. The razor seemed flimsy to me, so I went w/ the A900. I also insisted upon a Bluetooth headset, because without it I'd never answer the phone when driving or otherwise out and about.

I am looking forward to one thing about having the phone: the ringtone. A friend converted Number 6's theme from the new Battlestar Galactica series into an MP3 and made it into his ring. He's going to do the same for me. Yeah, sexy Cylons talking in my head...I'm going to make Reid and Mike SO jealous at the TO conference in Vegas next month!

All and all, it's not the end of the world, but I imagine people in hell are enjoying the snow...

Hmm, maybe THAT's why we got icy mess this weekend:p!
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I have a boatload of gmail invites left. LMK if you want one....
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Hoody Hoo!!!! I scored one of the coolest (but still affordable) finds in comicdom while we were in Little Rock a few weeks ago! The Uncanny X-men #134- first appearance of Dark Phoenix! It's in Excellent condition, no rips, tight spine. The pages are slightly yellowed, but considering everything from that period was printed on newsprint, that's not suprising. I got it from the owner of the game shop where we had day 2 of the Pre-release. He's not dealing in comics anymore since he moved his store into LR, and he gave me a great deal. I not too nuts about collecting the older books, but there are a few issues I've always wanted to get and the Dark Phoenix saga are in that group.

I've been assessing my extensive collection recently. I say "my" because while Lynson does read many of the titles, and some, like the Star Wars comics, we get pretty much exclusively for him, I am the one who stays on top of the collection. I am the one who reads everything. And I am the one who makes the decision to get rid of the "mistakes," stop collecting a series, or to pick up a new one. It's my highly organized and obsessive compulsive mess, and I've realized that it's getting a little ridiculous. I actively collect roughly anywhere between 75 & 100 titles, depending on how many mini-series are running at any given time. This does not include the trade paperbacks, graphic novels, mangas, and the like that I order from the same company.

At which point whoever's reading this goes, "You can't possibly READ all those! What's the point?!" Well, actually, I do read them all. At least, pior to moving back to Memphis from Jackson I read them all, every month. There was a point where things just kinda piled up on both me and Lyson after we got here, so we fell behind on a several titles. Now, I'm back up to reading at least 75% of each month's haul as it comes in. At least as far as the monthlies are concerned. I'm sitting across from a bookshelf which is mostly full of manga and trades that I HAVEN'T read yet. And ANOTHER book shelf full of novels and non-fiction that we've bought over the years that haven't been read. *Sigh*

So I'm getting ready to take the hatchet to the order sheet. Time to seriously consider each book on the list and determine if I'm still getting it because I truly enjoy the title, or because I've been getting it for a year(or more) and the OCD part of my brain is terrified of missing an issue. Any "new" title that I've picked up gets 5 issues or one storyline (whichever comes first) to prove itself worthy or it's gone.

I've also been purging the backstock. I'll be putting some lots on Ebay soon.

As far as the books and such, I've decided to start a weekly book review here on LJ. Each Sunday I'll pick something off the shelf that I haven't read yet, read it, and on Friday evening post a synopsis review. It may be a Graphic Novel, some random fiction, or a historical text. In the case of Manga, I'll review up to what every volume I own. Regardless of subject, I'll post what I'm reading for the week on Sunday, on the off chance that one of you has an interest in reading the same. The Friday review will be behind a cut, so you can skip it easily if you like. But I hope a few of you will actually read the review and spark some interesting discussions.
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The orthopedic I've been seeing about my foot troubles has put my right foot in "da boot". Essentially it's like a cast but I can take it off for bathing. I'm not supposed to take it off except for bathing.  The whole point of the thing is to coerce the plantar fascia into stetching back out to normal and not contracting up so tight that it shreds into cube steak every time I take a step. 

It's actually Ok to walk in, and a helluva lot easier to sleep in than the night splints.  But the big thing is I can't drive w/ the damn thing on.   Which means if I have to go somewhere I have to take the boot off to drive, then put it back on before I get out of the car. Something I discovered is a MAJOR PAIN IN THE ASS, esp in the small confines of a Saturn SL.  So for the next month, I will be doing very little exteraneous driving. 

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Well, this has officially been "mental breakdown" week.  I've had to face the fact that I really DO have my mother's anxiety disorder, and am going to have to do something about it.  Thankfully, I've got a great doctor whose first answer is not "take this pill..and this one..and this one."

The only other thing I'm saying regarding the above is this:

To all of you out there who I haven't talking/catching up w/ lately, I'm sorry.  I'm not trying to blow anyone off or be totally bitchy.  I am barely able to deal w/ the people who live in my house, and have been using what little control I have to be able to work.  It's a scary thing to be to the point that thinking about dealing w/ people, even those I love, makes me want to either curl up and hide or start breaking anything within reach.  Because of this, and the fact that I really need to regain my own personal balance, I've turned in my notice where I work.  I've given them about a month to get someone in to train as far as the computer stuff, and Valerie's going to try to work me on 4hr shifts instead of 8, and only when needed.

On the plus side, my sister and her guy may be moving to the Memphis area within the month.  His job wants to relocate him ASAP.  That means I'll actually get to see her and the baby on a regular basis, and THAT makes me happy.

And flying monkeys make me happy, so thanks again to[ profile] archmage .  It's supposed to me my "I'm annoyed" icon, but I find it amusing so I'm using it now :p.
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Okay, first off, I am okay.  I'm banged up and brusied from head to toe, have what the ER doctor decribed as "major whiplash," and have been given happy meds.  I just came off a nice long nap on the couch w/ ice packs all over my back, Lynson is fixing me dinner, and I'm going to try to tell the story without too many errors and ranblings.  I go to my regular doctor tomorrow for a full check, but thankfully the x-ray taken at the hospital didn't indicate spinal damage.  I know that tomorrow I will feel worse, as the muscles will be very tight.  That's what the happy meds are for.   Thanks you nitia for getting in touch w/ everyone; you are a doll.  Here's the skinny for you guys:

Interstate-240 southbound, the Getwell exit. 8:45am.  I have just merged into the exit lane, when brake lights start popping and trafic in the lane is coing to an almost complete stop.  I brake,  as does in front (Cavalier).  Cavalier is swervering into shoulder to keep from hitting the car in front of him, giving me plenty of stopping room, a few car lengths.  Then something slams into my car(Civic).  This JUMPS my car forward and I clipped the back drivers side bumper of the Cavalier.   I honestly have no recollection of getting the car to the shoulder and stopped, I just remember lying flat on my back in the car seat.  Yeah, flat.  The front seat supports gave way when I was hit, which is why almost all the trauma is to my mid-back; I went forward when I was hit, hit the seatbelt (which has a very strong and tight lock), then went all the way flat, then back up when I hit the Cavalier.  Also, the back passenger's drivers seat (the back folds down), totally broke loose, and only the upholstry is keeping it together.  I Hurt Like a Bitch (tm), but knew that I had to get up and deal w/ this.  Whoo, adreanaline, got me moving.

Based on the damage, Civic had probably just merged behind me when he tried to stop.  And was going much faster  His front end literally fell apart, but the majority of damage was to his passenger side front; his radiator was much closer to his passenger seat then it should have been. Nad he left some nice skid marks. My car at first seemed to have just suffered some body work: the drivers side rear-bumper was crushed, the back driver quad panal buckled, everything nice and crunchy.  Fom hitting the Cavalier, the car suffered a cracked headlight; the Cavalier, had nothing more than some dents and scratches apparent.  But then you notice that my back driver's  is flat.  And it's OVAL.  And there seems to be some bending on various parts that should not be bent. And had Civic hit me more on the side then on the back, he would have smashed the gas tank.  Damage to that is still a probability. Shit, Shit, SHIT!!!!! We just paid off that car less than 2 months ago.  The insurance is thinking it may be totaled. 

So, now I have to find Murphy and kick his ass.  I was all prepared for some major repair since we paid it off.  Murphy and I have a long and standing relationship and he always shows up even though he knows I don't like him.  But did he have to kill my car?.  I loved that car *sniff*

So I'll be okay, however, various bits are protesting me being upright now, so I am going back to the couch.

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To everyone who's been trying to catch me in the past month or so:

I do still exist outside of cyberspace.  Hard to believe, I know, but true.  We have entered THE busiest season for the gaming industry and between my little piddling job, getting CCG Innovations (Lynson's Tournament Organization and CCG Singles business) up and running, getting Designs By Me (my handmade card company) up and running, the various events and conventions we've committed ourselves to for the summer, and just plain Life In General, I feel like the proverbial headless chicken. 

Ok, we're in New York from Wed-Mon working for Upper Deck.  But when we get back there are many things to do:

[profile]   [profile] archmage and[profile] [profile] syrinakintari  :when I get back, I will get Gametable up and running and we can coordinate a time to try this long distance thing out.  Also, Emmy, lets try to plan a lunch date; what days are good for you?  Frank, I scammed an extra Ghost Rider T-shirt from the Marvel Knights Vs CCG  Sneak Preview, but the only size they had was Large ( seem to remember you being an XL guy).  But it's a "gamer large" so it might fit, as I can actually wear the large.  Was planning on sending it your way if you'd like, as you're the only person I know who's as big a GR fan as me:).

[profile] eclectic_spirit   I have a Dr appointment Thurs, June 2nd down your way.  Could I get Phantom back from you then?  I will also bring your  B-day present as I'm not sure I can get back down there before you fly away to LA.

[profile] citizen_pogo   what day is good for you on getting together an looking at the invitation mock-ups? also, did you decide on # of guests? (I haven't been avoiding you guys, I've just been swamped).

[profile] draconisferret   remember M:TG regionals Sat June 25th.  We will need you all day from roughly 9am to 6pm (will get specifics later).  We going to  pay  you $100.00 for the day in case Lynson forgot to tell you that, which should make up missing 3 hrs at TP:)

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