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Okay folks, it's that time. I need addresses for holiday cards. I know for a fact that some of you have moved or are about to move on me (you know who you are), so I'll need updates.

If you are new and have no idea what I'm talking about here's the skinny. Every year, I make handmade holiday cards. Every year, I give people on my friends list the chance to drop me their address if they want one. You can drop your address here, (comments are screened), PM me through LJ, or e-mail me at cj1875 AT gmail DOT com.
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Happy New Year friends both new and old. Happy New Year to family, be it of blood, spirit, or choice.

May this year that starts on the Blue Moon be one a unique one of growth, love, and laughter.
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Merry Christmas one and all! Don't get caught up in the name! Don't get caught up in religion! Don't get caught up in the commercialism! Just enjoy it as a time the time of love and togetherness it was meant to be!

And on that note, this witch is going to link you all to an absolutely lovely original Christmas story by [ profile] wood_artist. Follow the rules and listen to the musics while you read, if you can. It is quite beautiful.

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Gah, so they aren't made yet. Doesn't matter. I have them planned, and they will be made in the next two weeks. So....

Making my annual Christmas/Yule/etc, etc Card Call. If you want a handmade Holiday card from me this year, please e-mail your address to me at cj1875 AT gmail DOT com. Or you can drop your address as a comment. Comments are screened.

If I have your address from last year, and it hasn't changed, you're automatically on the list. if your address has changed, then please let me know.

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It has been a particularly trying year, on several levels. The divorce, which is still pending; the closing of a more than just a business; the coming to grips with my inner demons and accepting that it's ok to accept help on that front; and finaces- mustn't forget the financial mess- it's all been one big mess. I've muddled through, better even than I thought I would. And now the year is almost over. Just a little over an hour left, looks like. I can't wait.

It's not that I expect some little fairy to come down and magically make things better for me at midnight. Far from it. But it does allow me to have a "fresh start" as it were. I'm on my way to that already. Currently, I don't have to move, but I have a place to go to when I do. I'm really starting to look long and hard at my Stuff and what I am going to keep. I'm recognizing that I channeled a lot of my depression and whatnot into buying Stuff for the momentary happy buzz. Yes, I want to keep most all of it; however, I don't need any of it. It's time to be a bit more realistic.

Health-wise, I've been doing ok. December has not been a good month for me, as far as my eating. I've been running ninety to nothing, and eating very, very poorly. The issues with my teeth haven't helped. So I've gained back about five pounds. It's annoying, but not heartbreaking like it might have been at one point. I'll get back into the swing of things next week.

I...dislike the idea of making resolutions. Possibly, because for so many years there was only one resolution, and that was to get skinny. And that never worked, because diets don't work. however, there are a few things I'd like be more conscious of in the coming weeks.

Money: Where it comes from and where it's going. I admit to having a bit of an impulse control problem. If I make myself sit down and actually plan out my funds and spending, I do much better. I want to pay my outstanding debts off, and if I really put my mind to it, I think I can do almost all of it in one year, student loans not withstanding. Maybe even without changing jobs. If I can just pick up a second PT job, and dump as much as I can on ebay, I'll manage ok.

Food: What I eat, when I eat, how I eat, and where the food comes from. I've become very, very interested in nutrition lately. I'm not a shining paragon of healthy eating and never will be. That does not mean I can't pay better attention.

Magic: Studying more. Doing more. I've let that part of me languish for too long. I need to step up and stop hiding.

Art: Heh, see above. Seriously, I need to get back into doing art for art's sake, not just for swaps or money. Oh, I enjoy the swaps. And it feels really, really good to know I really can make things people want to purchase. But it's been...years really, since I've made a piece of art for me, something just because I can.

Exercise: I am not, despite what some might think based on appearances, a lazy person. I actually enjoy exercise quite a bit. There's a lot I can't do because of the issues with my joints. Anything high impact does more damage than good. But I can still strength train. And bike. Eventually, I'd like to get a real bike again.

Stuff: Has already been covered.

Aside from the bills, there are a few purchases I'd like to make/things I'd like to save for. This includes:

Botcon. I have the time off approved. It remains to be seen if I will be able to afford the Primus package cost before they all sell out. But I'm not sure it matters that much to me, really. Ideally, I'd like to have between 1000-1500 to make the trip with. Since it's not till the end of May, that is doable, really.

I desperately need a new camera. My ancient Kodack 1st gen digital is a hairs breath from croaking, and if I'm doing commissions, I really ought to be taking pics of them. I don't need anything fancy. Just something that can get good pics of the type of detailed work I do. I am open to suggestions as to make and model.

My laptop either needs to be repaired or replaced. I hope for the former, but suspect the latter. So long as the PC is working, I don't need the laptop, but I admit to being spoiled by the convenience of it. Should it need replacing, though, I think I will just save up for a higher end one.

That about does it for the obligatory New Year's Eve post. Take care and see you all next year!
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Merry Christmas, my lovelies! Have fun, have fun!
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Happy Solstice, one and all, where ever you might be!
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Yes, I am all right. A little down (actually more than a little), but it could be worse, I suppose. I had several offers to come to x, y, z house for the day, but I declined. Being around people would not have improved my mood, however; in fact, it likely would have worsened it, as I would then have had to bottle every thing up until I got home. It is not that I don't have any place to go. It is that for the first time in almost a decade, I don't have a home and family to go to/have over. Several of you are Family to me, and I hope you know that, but it isn't the same. I thought it wouldn't bother me, but it does. Little things, little traditions built over the years, all gone by the wayside, and for what?

Gods, I can't imagine what Christmas is going to be like.

At any rate, I haven't just been sitting here moping. Just because I chose to deal with the day on my own, does not mean I had to not enjoy the day. I cooked a turkey, just a small one, brined overnight and seasoned with Moroccan spices. I also tried a new cornbread dressing recipe, made dumplings, and made a sweet potato puree. Wasn't too crazy about the dressing- doubt I'll be remaking that one. The sweet potato puree was really nice. Boiled sweet potatoes, blended with buttermilk, butter, a little salt, and cardamon. The turkey and dumplings came out fine.

I also made myself tackle the pile of bills. I've..kinda been rather bad about them. I haven't had any spare money to pay them, so I really haven't been looking at them. That, and every time I think of them I get pissed off and depressed all at the same time. Meh.

All that said, things could be much, much worse. I have good friends, a place to live, and a job that pays decently, even if it really isn't a realistic living wage in today's world. Despite not doing much in the past few years with my creative side, I don't seem to have most my touch or my knowledge. I have kitties who love me unconditionally. And I don't hate. That's a big one. I hurt. But I don't hate.
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As part of my own personal Samhaim ritual prep tomorrow, I will be taking a 24-hour hiatus from the technological world (or at least as much as I realistically can). This means that from Midnight CDT tonight to 11:59pm Friday night, I won't be on my computer. Will not even turn it on. I also will not have my cell phone on me; you can leave a message. I will not be turning on the TV. I will be doing dishes by hand, if I have any to wash. The only concessions will be using my gas stove, and possibly radio (not CD player) because I really do doubt my ability to exist in total silence for that long. I will go as long as I can without it, though. The only other exception will be running an errand that can't be rescheduled.

So have a Happy Halloween, my lovelies, and enjoy it however you'd like. Be safe.
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Alrighty, time for me to get my Christmas Card list sorted out. If you want a nifty cool handmade card from me this year (and maybe a bonus handmade goodies if I have time), post a comment with your mailing address. Comments are screened to keep your addresses private. I won't reply to comments that contain addresses, so they won't become unscreened.

Even if you think I have your address, please post, just to make sure I have your most current. Thanks!

EDIT: You can also e-mail me your address if you prefer cj1875 AT gmail DOT com. But, please, still drop me a note here, because I'm gonna use this post to keep up w/ my list.
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To everyone, I hope your holiday season was exactly what you wished it to be, whatever you choose to celebrate. Take care, have fun, and raise a glass to friendship!
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The holidays have officially begun, even if it's still too damn warm 'round here!

The tree is up, the bumble has landed, and the star is lit!

Nothing like a little holiday magic to cheer ya up when you're down, yes?
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Soooooo, I'm getting ready to finish up my holiday cards. Making the list, checking it twice and so on. If you'd like to receive a nifty keen handmade card from me this season, just drop me a comment. I'll check my address book, and confirm addy's with you via e-mail.

Return cards aren't required, BTW. I just like making them, and what's the point of making them if I don't send them?
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Friday, [ profile] slackeremeritus made the trek to Jonesboro for quite the silly reason. Our friend and fellow TF nut had invited us to his Anime Club's Halloween gathering. Of course, we knew next to no one, but at least I recognized some of them from Mid-South Con.

We did actually dress up. Tai was a pirate and I....I was "her bookwench what keep me outta the jails and in the money." So yeah, I was a pirate lawyer/accountant. There are few things scarier.

It was a lot of fun, even if my feet were screaming after almost 8 hours in 3" almost-stiletto heels. We even made up a waiver people had to sign before they could interact with Tai. It was awesome! After all how many lawyers can say they got Death to sign a waiver? And an open-ended one at that!

Now on to the excellent pictures [ profile] draconisferret took of us before we left. Thanks to her for the pics, and to [ profile] dark_kitty_69 for making my beautiful lava rock and red pearl necklace.

Here there be Hi-Res-Pics! )
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The biggest thing I think I've missed (in regards to the holidays, anyway) these past few years has been decorating our own tree. You see, back when Lynson and I were living in the backsticks of Mississippi, we got this wild hair to make a unique tree topper. Since we both have a fondness for the old Rudolph cartoon, it was only natural that when we stumbled upon the Bumble that year, we'd choose an Island of Misfit Toys theme; each year we added something new. Now, admittedly, we didn't do the full holiday set-up this year- there's no Snowman Village and Yukon Cornelious isn't flying his sled over the tree- but I'm happy just to have the Bumble back and doing his job.

To the (Warning!Large) Pics! )
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The Bumble has landed.

Details to follow.
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If you would like to receive a holiday card from me and the hubby, drop me a line at cj1875 AT gmail DOT com with your name and address.

hehe, this will be fun, and force me to use all the holiday paper and embellisments I've been hoarding. Because, you see, there's just no way I can make the same card for everyone. Nope, gonna be all originals...

gahhh, I'm insane.
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Calling our local friends!

The Jerkins/Robbins/Cheveallier household has declared Thanksgiving Open Feasting Day! We will open the doors at 10am and won't kick you out till the food's gone (or Midnight, whichever comes first; I have to work Friday).

Thanksgiving was always a big deal in my family, but not so much in Lynson's; I've missed the fun times and groaning tables filled with plenty. So I'm claiming you all. While I know that many of you guys will not be "Thanksgiving Orphans" in the truest sense, one can only take so much "family time," right? And you guys know Lynson and I can cook up some mean vittles;). I'm not asking for a full day of togetherness; after all, we have friends in many different circles, who don't really know each other. What I'm expecting is for there to be a steady stream of people coming and going all day.

What will be: Turkey, ham, dressing, dumplings, sweet potatoes (with butter and cinnamon-sugar YUM!), mashed potatoes, corn, peas, one of Lynson's famous cheesecakes (and maybe his Sangria, too), homemade rolls, and other assorted goodies. We will eat, drink, play games, watch movies, and in general just have a high old time. We'd love it if you'd bring your favorite dish with you- potluck dinners are the best- but don't feel obligated to bring anything. Alcohol, however, is BYO; we have a small bar, but can't handle everyone's taste.

So if ya think you put in an appearance, let me know, so I make sure we have enough food. If you're bringing foodstuffs, ditto. You can post here, or drop me a line at cj1875 AT gmail DOT com, and I'll give you directions
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Happy Halloween, fellow ghouls! Have fun, be safe, and remember, never summon anything bigger than your head!
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Happy Holidays to everyone! I'm off to Dothan to celebrate my nephew's first Christmas! Wheee!


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