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1) PT went well
2) Grimm is pretty firking awesome
3) Newsroom season finale was great. Not surprised it was renewed.
4) Started a new trio of candles in the house
5) Tag renewal done relatively painlessly

No combo post. I didn't do much today, and I go back to work tomorrow.
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Yes, I know I didn't post yesterday. I was tired and very grumpy once I got home. So have a daily double.

1) Game Night
2) I apparently cook good comfort food, especially mashed potatoes.
3) Chatting with Scott
4) Laughing myself silly over exceptional inappropriate topics
5) Maintaining composure
6) Progress
7) Mead sampling
8) Grimm is fan-fucking-tastic and I can't believe I waited this long
9) [ profile] tek2way and his Star Wars ditty
10) Thing leave, and they won't come back


Grocery shopping done
Sorted a lot of things down further, filled 2.5 trash bags and truly emptied four boxes of moderate size.
Sooper Sekrit Projekt Phase 1 started

I have accepted the fact that there is a lot that I will not get done that was on my list. Things happened over the course of the week to change my timetable, and I'm ok with that. Things will get done as they get done.
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1) Visting with Tannen and Tony
2) Stuff left the house, never to return
3) Civil debate is not a lost art
4) New Project Runway
5) Silliness from Jon


I did the first chunk sort of the crafting stuff and sent a large amount home with Tannen. I also emptied/consolidated about eight boxes. There will be no sorting tomorrow, as I need to go pat for my car tags, and will be helping a friend w/ a car issue. Then, we have game night. Here's to hopefully surviving another session!
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1) Catching up with friends
2) Steak dinner!
3) Finally getting the computer and the accoutrements for it situated.
4) I gets a Tannen tomorrow! This is becoming a habit!
5) Showing off Pro to folks who appreciate all the work that went into it.


Really, I didn't get anything on the List done, but I took out several bags of trash, sorted through some stuff, and made plans for the next few days. Tomorrow is going to be a very full day, with several stops through the day, but I'll manage. Helping friends is much more important.
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Five Happy Things

1) My knee is not as fubar as I feared.
2) Masterchef
3) Playing Jenga
4) Helping a friend
5) The Bacon of Gaming


Not much actually accomplished today. But stuff started. That counts, right?

Ortho appointment
Started shuffling stuff around in the house
Talked to Dad
Planned dinner for Friday's game
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In case you haven't guessed, you get combo posts the whole time I'm on vacation

Five Happy Things

1) The Fame and Misfortune Kickstarter was a huge success! Yay! I gets a Kel commission! The question is, of who? I'm thinking I need a portrait for new little thief girl.
2) Catching up with Tai
3) Car passed inspection
4) Newsroom
5) Freshly laundered bedding

Today's items off the list

Bathroom done, except for cleaning out/organizing the cabinets
Car inspected
Some grocery/household shopping done
Bedding washed
Scheduled time with Tannen
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Five Happy Things

1) Murphy time
2) A magical conversation
3) Promises
4) Being Productive
5) Taking the higher road


Quickly jotting down what I accomplished today off the massive list

Kitchen: everything but the floors
Caught up on DZ (though I'm up again in one spot. That's ok though.)
Started on the patio
Started on the DVR'd items. Knocked off about ten hours worth of stuff.
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1) I was introduced to a simply amazing little bakery and deli today by my Jessi. It is an hour away, but OMG so worth it.
2) I now know the Way of the Gumbo
3) Sharing
4) Family Time
5) Milk and Cookies for a bedtime snack.
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1) Game Night!
2) Game Night!
3) Game Night!
4) Game Night!
5) Game Night!
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Uhhhh, I'm kinda exhausted. I also hurt. This will be quick.

1) Game night tomorrow
2) Gumbo Sat
3) Finally made the ortho appt.
4) Cherry Limeade
5) Backup plans
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1) It's a perfect night for sitting out and just being
2) SJ Tucker's Crystal Cave on loop
3) My Conceal candles, which keep the bloodsuckers away enough to let me sit outside
4) T-minus two days 'til vacation
5) Life is... kinda stressful right now, despite so many people's efforts to make me forget that. But I'm keeping the darkness at bay, for now.
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1) Murphy time!
2) Using my new supersized coffee mug of Maleficent loveliness
3) Omnomnom cheese
4) I have my house to myself. Which is sad on the one hand, but now I can really start to decompress from the weekend and get things in order.
5) [ profile] tek2way is plotting heavily for this week's game night. Color me giddy.
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I have the most amazing friends. If you haven't followed the saga today on my Facebook, then all I have to say is that you missed out on some awesome near-real time sqeeing from yours truly.

I really don't have it in me to make a big LJ post right now. Today has been wonderful and fabulous and draining. I have a TARDIS of my very own, and it brought me a steampunk Transformer who is now my computer desk. These items were handcrafted especially for me by a fantastic artist and a dear friend, and they are amazing.

More than that though, I got to meet that dear friend, in person, for the first time, a friend I've known (an increasingly become closer to) for seven or eight years now. I wasn't sure I'd ever manage to so, and that is worth more to me than all the shinies, geeky, fannish things in the world.

That doesn't mean I'd give up my new pretties. >_> <_< So step off.
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I HAS A RAVYN!!! That totes counts for everything yesterday.
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The medications for my knee made me so sick today I had to go home from work. It has been years since I've used sick time as actual sick time. I'm still going to manage this, or try to.

1) I have a very understanding staff
2) I am finally going to get the operational training I've been wanting for ages. Timing will be hard, but I'll manage.
3) Nap
4) Newsroom is fucking awesome, even if it did make me bawl.
5) Tomorrow, a Ravyn lands in Memphis.
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1) Work continues to be more happy and less stressful
2) I enjoy that silly SongPop game way too much
3) Oh hey, I got a little sleep last night
4) An ice cold glass of milk is one of life's little pleasures
5) Getting ready to make a leap of faith. There's no net, so let's hope I stick the landing.
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1) Accidental rice pudding was delish
2) Knee brace helps a lot- so much so that I am considering sleeping in it, because since taking it off 30 mins ago, my pain level has ratcheted up. :/
3) I can has a a Ravyn in threeish days
4) Mythbusters
5) We kicked ass so hard at work today, and TRIPLED our LY numbers
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1) FML is such a time sink
2) I didn't get exasperated with my coworker
3) Quick, friendly service at the minor med
4) I am not freaking out. I should be, but I'm not.
5) Despite a lot of complications and an unexpected C-section, N and the baby are doing well, and I am able to be happy about that fact.
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1) Was out of my store only fifteen minutes past schedule, and the store is actually set. Just a few little fluff things to do in the am! :)
2) Not letting myself be baited into a "someone is wrong on the internet" fight
3) OMG the Halloween stuff this year is sooooo cute!
4) Something very, very vulgar that I still ROFL'd over
5) My new shoes mean I didn't want to stab myself with a rusty spork when I got off. I still hurt enough I need a heavy duty pain cocktail, but I'm not crying in pain.


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